Adam Polymer Ltd


We are a leading distributor for a range of polymer products and services for applications in industries throughout the World.  Small enough to offer a bespoke service, yet large enough to generate economies of scale and bulk orders, we offer a wide range of rubber chemicals.

Predispersed Chemicals

Based on a unique binder system that consists of a complex blend of long chain fatty acids, our wide range of predispersed chemicals offer the compound engineer added advantages over other conventional polymer bound systems.

Sulphur blends

Sulphur is a primary ingredient in the vulcanisation system however, in its basic form, it can produce problems in dispersion, with the result being a fall off in the physical properties and surface defects associated in pastel shade compounds.

Dry Liquids

Our unique blends of highly absorbent amorphous silica's give the compound engineer the answer to all Health and Safety problems of handling highly viscous & hazardous liquids.

Dust Suppression

Providing a solution to reducing the dust hazard and also significantly increase the dispersability of the finished product, our Dust Suppression offers the compound engineer much quicker curing times aswell as improving the physical properties.

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