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We provide a substantial range of water deionisers including the I-on-x unit. These exchange cylinders are single vessel and hold 'mixed bed' resins that are premixed and require no regeneration chemicals. These cylinders are ideal for processing small volumes of water from a portable supply and need only a minimum of training to use.

Our semi-automatic Budget Di-on-x water deioniser have two vessels linked together in series and needs to be regenerated with hydrochloric acid.

For industries and organisations with chemicals on site and have skills and experience in handling them, then deionisation is the most cost-effective solution to water purification.


Reserve Osmosis

We at ADEPT Pure Water provide a comprehensive selection of reserve osmosis units. They are adapted to suit your requirements and we are very proud to have designed all our own systems and manufacture them at our factory.

We can produce reserve osmosis units from 4Ls/hr up to 30,000Ls/hr in a variety of formats and offer a range of system operations, water quality and flow options.

Our units can include automatic cleaning, twin pass or single pass, chemical dosing and central control of the entire water purification system. We also offer a range of ECO RO units and can be supplied at competitive prices and come complete with a range of auxiliary requirements.


Exchange Cylinders

We offer our own I-on-x exchange cylinders in a variety of vessel sizes, media types and suitability with low flow rates.

Our exchange cylinders are versatile and durable and can be used as pre-filtration for the water purification process.




Water Purification Systems

Our equipment always uses uncorrupted media and resins to ensure the purest results in our water purification systems. The resins and media are used to filter pollutants and impurities from the water. You can purchase these from us at excellent prices.

We use a range of media and resins in our water purification system including inert polymer, a plastic material with lower gravity than water. We also use nuclear-grade mixed bed resins that purify with high percent conversions to their regenerated form.

We also use mixed bed resins in hydrogen form and marcroporous iminodiacetic chelting resin.


Water Softeners

Our extensive selection of water softeners removes the hardness from water that is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium that has been dissolved into the water. The more calcium and magnesium in the water, the harder it is.

Hard water leads to problems like limescale formation in pipes and fittings. We provide a range of commercial water softeners suitable for use with boilers, washing machines, thermostats and humidifiers. We also offer larger water softeners for industrial sectors.


Water Filters

Our automatic and cartridge water filters consist of the Fleck, the Siata and our own Gemu Multi-Valve Control Arrangement type.

 Our multimedia water filter treats cloudy, dirty and water with high turbity. We also provide filters to eradicate iron and manganese from the water and turn initially unusable water into clean and safe water to use.

Cartridge water filters come in polypropylene, nylon or even titanium to suit your needs. We can provide these to help cut costs and fit into your current water system.


Automatic Chemical Storage and Level Detection System

We support our deionisers with an automatic chemical storage and level detection system. This allows us to automatically detect when chemicals are low and need re-ordering and when the safety bund is full or fluid.

Our specification for automatic chemical storage and level detection system are storage sizes from 1,500Ls, a bunded caustic storage tank, a bunded hydrochloric acid storage tank, an emergency shower and optional heating and lagging.


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