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Adhesive Dispensing Limited is a company with many years of industry experience in fluid dispensing applications, adhesives and material repackaging.

We believe that the highest quality products, innovative features, competitive pricing, on-time deliveries and customer support are the essential factors that create the successful partnership with our clients. We offer leading edge dispensing systems and industrial dispensing components developed to meet the application demands of your company while maximising your total cost savings.

Systems range from bench-top air-powered dispensers to precision moulded disposable components, applicator guns, metering valves, rotary tables and XYZ robots. From supporting low-volume applications, prototype assembly, field based work, automated production cells or high volume assembly lines. For customers in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical device, engineering and general assembly. Technology and support to increase both efficiency, reduce costs and add value within your company. Expertise in providing syringes and barrels contract repackaged with a customers specified adhesive, grease or paste as well as a wide range of performance adhesives.

Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are an ISO9001:2008 registered firm and our focus is on quality & service to support our customers globally.

We confirm that Adhesive Dispensing Ltd and our suppliers are active in complying with REACH. We also wish to inform you that no product contains substances which are mentioned in REACH Directive Appendix XV CMR List (Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern). This is also valid for the appendix from December 16, 2013 (Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern of Authorisation).

CLP Regulation (Classification, Labeling, Packaging)
We confirm that all chemical products supplied by Adhesive Dispensing Ltd are registered according to the CLP Regulation and are CLP compliant. The change of our MSDS sheets and labelling to the new standard including H- (Hazard Statement) and P- (Precautionary Statement) sentences instead of the known R- (Risk) and S- (Safety) sentences.

RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment)
Adhesive Dispensing Ltd confirms that none of its products contain substances which are forbidden to use according to the EC Directive 2011/65/EU.

Fluid Dispensing Systems

Fluid Dispensing Systems  for the controlled application of liquids, adhesives, pastes, gels, epoxies, sealants, greases, lubricants, inks, paints and primers. Fluids are applied without mess, waste or inconsistency. Thick pastes are easy to dispense without strain or fatigue to hands. Timed dispensers will reduce the amount of adhesive used by quickly applying a precise and repeatable deposit each time. Reduce assembly time by eliminating guesswork. Select from non timed manual dispensers to digital timed and positive displacement systems.

For beads or non-timed deposits of most fluid, use a non-timed dispenser when a critical repeat deposit is not required. These systems run from an air supply and provide a simple method of dispensing to replace manual methods such as squeeze tubes, brushes or swabs. Adjustable air-control to set the flow rate. Quick vacuum exhaust to eliminate drips. Models such as TS924 or TS924V.

For beads or repeat timed deposits of fluids and pastes, use simple analog timed dispensers will handle watery liquids to thick pastes. The timer control is adjusted on the front of the machine using a timer knob. These systems are ideal for setting a deposit and making repeat shots each time the foot pedal is pressed. Most have a vacuum suck-back to prevent liquids dripping. Models such as TS9150, ADL810, ADL100.

For beads or repeat micro deposits of fluids and pastes, the latest development in bench top dispensers sees the digital timers with LCD display providing more accuracy and control than the analog. Systems available with shot counter, teach mode, timer memory storage and I/O connectivity if automating a process. All the dispensers feature vacuum suck-back to prevent liquids dripping. Models such as 1000T, TS250, TS350.

For controlling dispense valves, sophisticated digital valve controllers for operating all valves including diaphragm, needle, spool, spray and rotary auger. For operator control with foot switch or when linking to a PLC via the I/O. Controllers ensure the valve is operated rapidly and consistently. A universal controller is available that will run any type of dispensing valve from the same machine.

Air-free dispensing systems for beads or dots. A range of dispensers that do not require compressed air to dispense fluids. Use a peristaltic pump motor driven dispenser for handling watery liquids including Cyanoacrylates, UV cure, Solvents and Primers. Liquid is drawn from the glue bottle, down flexi-tubing and through the wand. Repeat deposits or beads.

Fluid Dispensing Systems

Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

High quality blended cyanoacrylate adhesive surface insensitive fast cure produces rapid bond between a variety of materials including plastics, rubbers, metals, paper, card and leather.

This adhesive can be applied using our syringe barrel dispensers or direct from the larger bottles using our metering valves, controller and pressure pot. All CAs are shipped with TDS and MSDS.


Adhesive Dispensing  Equipment

Dispense Valves

Precision dispense valves provide accurate deposits of adhesives, solvents, glues, silicones, sealants, pastes, gels, inks, paints, UV cure, lubricants and grease. Feed from syringes, cartridges or pressure pots. Valves will cycle from 500 to 600 times per minute for repeatable and fast dots. Use valves for bonding, sealing, coating, gasketing and potting applications.

Valves operate with minimal maintenance, ensuring clean and accurate dispensing whether used by hand, on a production line or mounted to an XYZ robot. A typical system includes a dispensing valve, pressure pot or cartridge feed used with a TS250, TS350 or TS500R digital controller.

Pinch tube valves are air operated, maintenance free for applying most low to medium viscosity liquids. Adhesives such as Cyanoacrylate, UV cure, anaerobics, solvent based, PVA as well as assembly fluids, primers, activators, inks and oils. These valves are easy to use, versatile and low cost. Even two-part mixed epoxies can be dispensed with pinch tubes easy to replace.

Diaphragm valves are air operated for use with Cyanoacrylate, UV cure, glues, primers and liquids. Use witn low to medium viscosity fluids. A small flexible disc flexes to allow liquid to flow. Rapid shut off, these valves are ideal for rapid, repeat shots. A compact valve, these are easy to mount multiple valves on automated assembly applications. 

Needle valves are used with UV cure, inks, water based liquids, etc. They have the shut off point close to the dispense tip to reduce dead space and prevent drips. Ideal for rapid, small shots.

Spool valves use a wide fluid inlet and outlet for viscous gels, silicones, sealants and grease. The piston shuts off against the flow to create a snuff back. Used for high pressure feeds from pumps and viscosities up to 1 millions cps.

Spray valves are low air, low volume precision applicators for marking, coating, lubricating parts. They can spray down to areas just a few millimetres with either a round or oval fan pattern. Total control over shot pulse, fluid pressure and atom pressure reduce overspray and waste.

Auger valves are motor driven to dispense volumetric deposits of solder pastes, gels, premixed epoxies, etc. Total accuracy without deposit variation from material cure or temperature change. 

All products are CE approved and supported with expert technical advice and spares, accessories held in stock. Please contact us for our dispense valve brochure or visit

Dispense Valves

Dispensing Tips

We offer the widest range of dispensing tips for use with syringe barrels, applicator guns, dispense bottles, metering valves and XYZ robots. Our tips are industrial grade safe for use to 100 psi fluid pressures and are certified silicone-free. With luer lock hub secure attachment for leak-free dispensing.

Tips are colour coded for easy identification. Packs show batch codes.

Smooth flow tapered tips are recommended for thick grease, silicone RTVs, solder pastes, braze pastes, UV cure adhesive gels, Cyanoacrylate gels, etc. Tne tapered design allows viscous materials to flow without restriction and so reduce pressure and improve flow rates. In gauge sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 25 and 27. Plastics are UV filtered and feature a doible helix luer lock thread. 1.25" total length. 

General Purpose tips have a colour coded UV filter plastic hub to a stainless steel tube. In lengths of 0.25", 0.50"' 1.0" and 1.5". Suitable for most liauids, adhesives and gels. Gauge sizes 14 to 32. Also available with 45 or 90 degree bends.

TS Crimped tips have a plastic hub to stainless steel tube. In lengths of 0.5" or 1.0" only and gauge sizes 14 to 30. These tips have an aluminium crimp to join the tube to the hub so are ideal for solvent based adhesives or more aggressive liquids. 

Aluminium Hub tips in lengths of 0.5", 1.0", 1.5" and 2.0". Gauge sizes 14, 15 and 16. Luer lock hubs. Silver colour. For very aggresive solvent based adhesives that could normally attack plastics.

Teflon Lined Crimped tips for Cyanoacrylate adhesives. 0.5" or 1.0" lengths. Gauge sizes 21, 25 or 27. A teflon tube is crimped inside a metal tube. This allows CA adhesive to be dispensed without clogging. 

Teflon tips have a clear flexible tube to a plastic hub. In lengths of 0.5" or 2.0" and gauge sizes 14 to 30. Perfect tips for CA adhesives. Won't clog. 

Dispensing tips are supplied in sealed packs of 50 or bulk packs of 500 and 1000. Small evaluation kits are also available. We hold many hundreds of thousands of tips in stock for next day delivery. 

Dispensing Tips

Benchtop Robots

Benchtop robots provide total control over adhesive placement -- from controlled beads, lines, arcs and circles to repeat timed dots and potting products. Programming is simple via the teach pendant. Even complex patterns can be created quickly. Storage is to internal memory allowing for up to 255 different programs to be created or unlimited with option windows software.

Using our benchtop robots, high speeds are achieved reducing time spent hand applying adhesives and other fluids. Accuracy of placement and volume of fluid ensures absolute zero waste, no mess and a guaranteed nil error rate. Robots are totally reliable whatever the application and are simple to program and operate at high speeds. For UK customers, a sales engineer will deliver and assist with programming and installation.

Benchtop Robots


Transferring of adhesives, silicones, epoxies and other liquids from cans, cartridges, drums or bottles can be time consuming, messy and wasteful. Additionally, many liquids contain harmful fumes. ADL packaging solutions ensure customers receive their specified materials in the syringe or cartridge of their choice. Most single and two-part adhesives, silicones, epoxies and liquids can be supplied air-free in ready-to-use dispensing components.


Dispense Guns

Our dispensing guns provide an inexpensive method for accurately applying materials from syringe barrels, cartridges or dual component twin cartridges. Guns are either manual or pneumatic and work with all industry standard components. SyringeGuns are low cost, lightweight and high quality hand tools for dispensing materials from standard syringe barrels. Cartridge guns are larger capacity and available in both manual and pneumatic versions. Standard cartridges range in sizes from 60cc to 960cc. Dual cartridge guns work with standard dual cartridges available in 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1 ratio.

Dispense Guns

Syringe Guns

Syringe guns are manual hand dispensers for the controlled application of grease, epoxies, compounds, silicones, sealants, RTV's, greases, pastes and adhesives. Syringe guns are robust for regular industrial use applications yet fully portable for repair or field work. In sizes 10cc, 30cc and 55cc, guns come with a syringe, piston and dispense tip. Full gun kits are available with a large selection of syringe barrels, wiper pistons, end caps, tip caps and dispensing tips. All guns are covered by a 1 year warranty.

Syringe Guns

Cartridge Guns

High-quality gun dispensers used in many industries. They are designed for the quiet manual or pneumatic application of sealants, RTVs, silicones, adhesives, potting compounds, and other materials in disposable cartridges or Techkit®, Semkit® cartridges for multi-component materials. Cartridge guns are available with retainers to fit standard 2.5, 6, 8, 12, 20 and 32 ounce disposable cartridges.

Cartridge Guns

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