Adhesive Metering (Rockingham) Systems Ltd


Here at Adhesive Metering Systems, we specialise in resin and adhesive application equipment including standard or bespoke machines to suit your production, adhesive or resin type. We are experts in adhesive application equipment suitable for 1 and 2 component adhesives and resins.

Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

We supply adhesive dispensing equipment with varying nozzle widths from a single nozzle to several metres wide. Our adhesive dispensing equipment is used to make sandwich panels for many industries including facade panels, caravans and PVC-U doors.

Adhesive Metering Equipment

Our diverse adhesive metering equipment is suitable for use with resin and 2-part adhesive. Our adhesive metering equipment is supplied with simple PLC controls to full mass-flow controls to ensure the ratio and amount of resin is dispensed very accurately. Our resin and adhesive dispensing systems can have recipes programmed so multiple moulding or potting jobs can be saved and called up again for future use.

Automated Adhesive Application Systems

Our automated adhesive application systems have been designed to apply the correct adhesive coat-weight; by robot controlled precision dispensing. Our automated adhesive application systems will work with polyurethane 1 and 2 component, epoxy, silicone, elastomer, acrylate resin, polysulfide, silicate, urea formaldehyde, melamine urea formaldehyde, phenol resorcinal, emulsion polymer isocyanate, PVC, PVA, and resins.

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