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  •  Fuel Cleaning

Adler and Allan Ltd are industry specialists at being able to recover good fuel from contaminated supplies or degraded sources which degrade over time due to natural factors like oxidation, water, and microbes and sludge. 

Our specialised fuel cleaning service we can offer can effectively remove these contaminants from storage tanks which will extend the life of your fuel.

To discuss our fuel cleaning service we can offer, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Waste Oil Disposal

  • Waste Oil Disposal

We are fully licensed to handle all commercial and industrial waste treatment including waste oil disposal and hazardous waste all of which can be collected by our waste management team who can classify, package and dispose of most types of waste in accordance with hazardous waste regulations.

Our facilities can offer you a wide waste oil disposal management service ranging from small quantities to bulk tanker loads. We are on call 24 hrs a day to deal with emergency jobs.


Fuel Tank Installation

Adler and Allan Ltd can offer a full site survey and recommendation and best materials to use and methods to adopt as part of our bespoke Fuel tank installation service.

Our series can comprise of a one off call out to full maintenance programme for peace of mind

Types of fuel tank installation we can offer:

  • Steel Tanks
  • Plastic oil tanks

We can also offer fuel tanks to hire which are competitively priced and fuel dispensing pumps and metering equipment

Fuel Deliveries

  •  Fuel Deliveries

Being involved in fuel distribution for over 80 years now, Adler and Allan are always keen to take on fuel deliveries and transport challenges. We even offer a 24hr emergency fuel service.

Packaging of fuel can range from 205 litre or 25 litre drums as well as deliveries to inaccessible sites. Emergency tankers can be provided for sites and can be transferred between sites if need be.

Some of the fuel deliveries we can carry out:

  • Gas oil (red diesel)
  • Derv (white diesel)
  • Kerosene
  • Unleaded petrol
  • Heavy oils
  • Ultra low sulphur gas oil    
  • BioDiesel

Call us for a free no obligation quote on fuel deliveries.

Fuel Tank Installation

Adler and Allan Ltd are experts in fuel tank installation offering a wide range of tanks, including steel tanks that can be designed and tailored to suit the individual needs of the customers. Their Plastic oil tanks are easy to maintain, durable and hold diesel, petrol, heating oil, lubricants and waste oil. A full site survey is available also to determine the most suitable solution for your fuel tank installation.

All tanks are available between sizes of 1,000 to 150,000 litres. All tanks can also be customised for the customers needs, features include:  

  • A choice of all types of pumps.
  • Variable flow rate between 20-500 litres per minute.
  • Stand alone or electronically controlled for multiple users.
  • Electronic or hydrostatic gauges
  • Leak detection equipment

There is also a fuel tank hire service offering affordable prices and all essential equipment.

Waste Management

Our waste management service is industry leading due to the range of products we can dispose of while still providing cost effective solutions for all your waste disposal requirements.

Waste management related services we can offer include:

  • Site clean-up and plant removal
  • Environmental remediation
  • Fly-tipped waste
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Fire and flood water disposal
  • Sharps disposal

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