Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering

Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering (AFE) specialise in high performance optical fibre components, prototypes and volume quantities and are also the only company able to supply a complete range of Afonics fibre optic components:

  • Alignment of fibre optic devices (as pigtails and in receptacle housings)
  • Lasers
  • LEDs 
  • Photodiodes
  • Standard Housings or custom built
  • Fibre Splicing, Fibre termination
  • Sub assembly manufacturing
  • Product testing

Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering specialise in the alignment and packaging of TO can based active devices with optical fibre and produce a wide range of customised products from simple photodetectors and lasers through to complex combinations of devices such as WDM combiners and bidirectional devices.

We supply industry leaders in the following market sectors:

  • Telecommunications
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical
  • Defence
  • Aerospace

Our products are used in many different applications and markets, by a global customer base. A few examples are:

Fibre Optic Test and Measurement 
Pulsed laser combiners for OTDR instruments together with stable light sources and photodiodes for optical power meters.

Video and Broadcast Applications 
Laser sources and photodiodes integrated with transimpedance amplifiers (PIN/TIA).

A range of bidirectional dual wavelength Tx/Rx components including replacements for obsolete components such as Honeywell, Zarlink and Afonics fiber optic components.

Our active devices are sourced from industry leading manufacturers, ensuring not only quality but also the ability to mix and match combinations giving the best performances. Please email or call us on 01993 709030 for more information about our products and services. 


Advanced Fibreoptic Engineering Overview