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Our shop offers a wide range of products related to batteries. We have Yuasa and CSB batteries, Riello UPS, PDUeX PDU’s, power monitoring products, chargers, health and safety products and much more.

We also offer services such as battery installation, maintenance and disposal provided by our sister company Advanced Battery Care.

The battery maintenance we offer is the most technologically advanced and offer an often substantial ROI to our clients as explained below.

Specialist UPS Battery Maintenance

Advanced Power Care comes first for UPS battery maintenance because of its investment in the most up to date technologies.

At Advanced Power Care we are always amazed at how many battery maintenance companies still offer basic single frequency impedance testing as their main method of testing batteries when there are more effective methods available. Our MD, David Fremlin, was involved in the design and manufacture of an impedance tester in the 1990’s and comments as follows.

 “In the 1990’s the VRLA battery was still a fairly new technology and batteries were experiencing problems with internal corrosion.  Impedance testing was very good at detecting that. However, those problems have long been eliminated by improvements in battery manufacturing technology. It is no longer effective to measure the internal resistance of what is a fairly complex electrochemical device and use that basic information to determine the condition of the battery. Multi-frequency electrochemical analysers, such as our hand held EC2000 unit, offer additional information such as sulphation and electrolyte dry out percentages. Why is that important? Because simple impedance testing only indicates when the battery is failing; the information we get is far more helpful in making adjustments to the operating environment thereby achieving longer battery life and providing, in many cases, a substantial ROI”.

That sums up what we offer – we don’t just tell you when your battery has failed and offer to sell you a new one. We record detailed information that enables us to keep your battery in reliable operating condition for the maximum time possible.

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