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Adventure playgrounds Wales offers a comprehensive range of safer surfacing for the play area, including wet pour, rubber tiles, Safagrass mats and loose fill.
All our safe surfacing is installed in accordance with BS EN 1176 and is certified with the requirements of BS EN 1177. To meet the requirements of BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177, it is recommended that the impact absorbing surfaces must be installed beneath all play equipment with a free fall height of more than 0.6m.

Safagrass Play Surface:
Safagrass is a honeycomb matting that has proved cost effective. It can be laid directly on to an existing level grass area. After installation the grass will grow through making the matting virtually disappear. This can then be mowed as normal.

Rubber Tile Play Surface :
One metre square rubber tiles available in three different colours. the thickness of the tile will be determined by the free fall height of the equipment. Insert patterns are also available.


Wet Pour Play Surface

A blend of rubber and resin mixed on site to form a seamless surface. Available in many different colours. The thickness of the surface will be determined by the free fall height of the play equipment. Graphics packages are also available.

At Adventure Playgrounds Wales, we're serious about play. Every child has the right to play in a safe, exciting and challenging environment. We supply and install:

Playground Safety Surfacing 

The depth can be varied to suit the critical fall height of any piece of equipment. Wetpour is available in a range of bright colours though where no colour is stated black is laid as standard.

Adventure Trails
Climbing Frames and Towers
Outdoor Play Equipment
Children's Playground Equipment including Swings and Slides
Multi-activity units for Schools, Parks, Playgrounds, Garden Trails

Play Bridges
Play Towers
Aerial Runways
zip wires
Adventure Playground Equipment
School Playground Equipment, wooden playground equipment, safe surfaces, play safe playground surfaces, Wet Pour, Safergrass and Grass mats

Throughout South Wales, Central and North Wales, Midlands, Hereford, Worcester, Devon and Cornwall. With our extensive range of over 150 pieces of playground equipment that can be configured  as you wish.


Adventure Trails

Adventure Trails

Individual low-level trail items linked together to form a trail. Equally at home in schools or public play areas, adventure trails are an ideal way to allow a lot of children to play together. This equipment is designed to encourage the development of fitness, agility, co-ordination and balance. Adventure Trails can be a highly effective complement to P.E. We have designed four set trails to appeal to different budgets and abilities. Our adventure trails equipment are there to inspire, so why not design one from our full range of trail items shown here.

Generally due to the low fall height of this equipment, if installed into a grassed area, there is no safety-surfacing requirement.

Please note the horizontal bars, inclined climber, vertical climbing net and the hooped horizontal ladder do require safety surfacing

Climbing Frames

This range of climbing frames and towers offers room to roam, aimed at our very youngest customers, 2 years+. It gives the opportunity to play at a lower level, encouraging independence.

Offering imaginative play, incorporating Play houses and Play panels they could be on the deck of a ship, climbing mountains or exploring a space station, while stretching their physical abilities on scramble nets, steps, clamber ramps, over play bridges and down slides.


Everyone loves swings, we offer a wide range of swings for all ages and abilities. Our timber swings are constructed using 150mm diameter timber to create a robust structure that will last for generations.

The range includes timber as well as a full range of metal swings. The standard bar height is 2.4m high except for the toddler swing which is lowered to 1.8m to reduce the safer surfacing area required.

Zip Wires

Adventure Playgrounds Wales's Aerial Runways [ Zip Wires ] can be 20-30m long depending on your site. The zip wires can be installed on level or gently sloping ground.

This adventure play equipment adds a thrilling dimension for durability and is fully enclosed to protect the noise reducing polyamide wheels with a rubber button seat suspended on galvanised chain enclosed within a heat resistant rubber hose.

Our barrel tensioning system allows for easy tightening of the 10mm steel cable.

Sand Pits

Sand Pits - Raised and Ground Level

Sand pits have an ingenious wooden cover that folds out to provide two sturdy seats. When the kids have finished playing just fold it back and the sand remains free of leaves and unexpected animal visits. The sandpit measures 1.2 metres x 1.2 metres and is 21cm high.



Installed alone or alongside larger pieces of play equipment, springies are always a big success. Just watch the faces of young children on this equipment, and you will see how much pleasure they derive from rocking. Two springies placed side by side can become a race.

Rocking develops core stability for the torso and improves co-ordination and balance. The new range of themed springies has been designed with attractive shapes and colours to suit mainly small children [aged 2-6 years].

The springies are constructed using HPL (High Pressure Laminate), one of the hardest, most resistant and robust materials on the market, it is very difficult to ignite, is through coloured, simple and economical to maintain.

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