AED Rollers Ltd

We are expert designers and manufacturers of conveyor rollers and gravity rollers to meet particular specifications.

We are a leading manufacturer within the roller industry and can offer an extensive range of rollers and related products including:

  • Conveyor Rollers
  • Gravity Rollers
  • Bearing End Caps
  • Drums
  • Pulleys & Wheels
  • Gravity Roller Track

All products are delivered on time and cost effectively and we are proud to say that this service is offered both in the UK and Europe. We supply from simple stock rollers to precision or completely bespoke items.

Our primary business is:

  • Conveyor Rollers in Steel, Stainless & Plastic
  • Grooved Rollers for Line shaft
  • Made to Measure Sprocket Rollers (CDR)
  • Replacement Rollers
  • Conveyor Spares/Taper rollers
  • Engineering Conveyor Track & Ball Tables
  • Bearing End Caps Axle/Shaft Options

We are located at Halesowen in the West Midlands and due to our large stocks of raw materials we are normally able to dispatch to all parts of the UK and Europe within a few days of order receipt.

Our company benefits from ISO9001:2000 accreditation, an excellent reputation and we pride our self that our products are manufactured to the highest standards, at the fairest possible price and ensure customer confidence in our accuracy and suitability.

Conveyor Spares

Our extensive and unrivalled service includes supply to the conveyor spares market right through to conveyor system manufacturers; supplying virtually all industries from the car to the humble lawn mower with conveyor spares and any other requirements.

Our rollers are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure long life and first class presentation in order to instil confidence in our customers.

Conveyor Spares

Sprocket Rollers

Our expertly manufactured CDR Series of sprocket rollers are for chain driven conveyor such as palletised distribution.

We do not mark up and sell other manufacturers rollers; we design, manufacture and assemble our sprocket rollers so that we can offer the right roller for the right price for your factory.

  • Enquiry sheet for made to measure rollers
  • 14Tooth x1/2"pitch double simple sprockets
  • 14Tooth x1/2"pitch Friction Accumulation/Fixed Polymer sprockets
  • 15Tooth x5/8"pitch double simple sprockets
Sprocket Rollers

Flexible/Expandable Conveyor

We now offer and supply the AED new Flexible Express Track (flexible/expandable conveyor): made for vehicle load/unloading, parcel distribution and mobile assembly.

This flexible/expandable conveyor is proven to save time, reduce labour costs and improve efficiencies in a wide variety of applications
  • Powered Flex 0<36m/min 450mm wide-FLEX450-PWR
  • Powered Flex 0<36m/min 600mm wide-FLEX600-PWR
  • Powered Flex 0<36m/min 750mm wide-FLEX750PWR
  • Gravity Flex 450mm wide -BFR450.08.5
  • Gravity Flex 600mm wide -BFR600.08.5
  • Gravity Flex 750mm wide -BFR750.08.5
Flexible/Expandable Conveyor

PR Steel Rollers (Medium to Heavy)

As part of our extensive services and product supply, we have a series of PR steel rollers (medium to heavy) are fitted with precision bearings developed for continuous running and for medium to heavy duty gravity applications. 

PR steel rollers (medium to heavy) are cut form self colour tube & then zinc plated (BZP) for superior quality finish.
PR Steel Rollers (Medium to Heavy)

RG Steel Rollers (Light to Medium)

We supply a high-quality series of RG steel rollers (light to medium) are fitted with free running semi-precision bearings for manual/gravity product transfer.

These RG steel rollers (light to medium) are manufactured using steel tube post zinc plated (BZP) to ensure superior quality finish.
RG Steel Rollers (Light to Medium)

IR STEEL Extra Heavy Duty

AED's IR Series Idlers/ rollers are for heavy loads and manufactured using mild steel tube fitted with sealed precision bearings and external bearing seals to withstand the most hostile environment

Rollers are designed for:
  • Quarry/Mining
  • Extra Heavy duty conveyors <650kgf load capacity*
  • Guide Rollers
  • Waste management
  • Off-Shore* cable laying
  • Agriulture
*please request St. Steel brgs ?*load capacity based on dia & length
IR STEEL Extra Heavy Duty

Gravity Roller Conveyors

AED's own gravity roller conveyors are available light, medium or heavy duty. Tracks are powder coated blue (RAL5002) & stocked for convenient shipping in 1000mm long & 2000mm long sections with roller pitch divisible by 25mm*

How to order; Simply tell us what width, roller diameter and if the rollers are plastic or steel & we will manufacture to suit. Unsure??  01384 77427
  • Enquiry Form for NEW C-Track
  • Enquiry Form for L profile
  • Industrial Saw kit
  • Use Stand to Link track together
We also have ready made conveyor Choose widths:- 300 (12")   430 (17")   545 (21")   650 (25")
Gravity Roller Conveyors

GRP Grooved For Poly Belt

AED's GRP series of rollers are simple lineshaft accumulation with single, double or triple grooves spun into the tube for round poly bands. These rollers will also suit motorised rollers such as Itoh Denki's Power Moller.

Groove positions (GP) are specisfied by the customer so they will suit various almost all conveyor systems. For new installations AED will happily recommend a standard groove position if you so wish?
GRP Grooved For Poly Belt

SSPR Stainless Meduim/Heavy Duty

AED's SSPR series of Stainless rollers are manufacture using 304 stainless steel & sealed stainless sealed bearings. Rollers are also used for heavier gravity loads or as belt support/return.

Roller finish is generally de-scaled stainless or bright polished.
  Rollers which incorporate "WD" or "KTR" indicate suitable for wash down but not direct pressure wash.
SSPR Stainless Meduim/Heavy Duty

SSRG Stainless Light Duty

AED'S SSRG series rollers are constructed using 304 Stainless fitted with free running bearings incorporating stainless balls for light to medium gravity applications.

Unsure??  01384 77427
  • Brochure page
  • Hints on how to measure your rollers
We now have optional washdown bearings incorporating a closed bearing cap & spring loaded stub axle which prevent liquid entering the tube/roller body - see rolls sufixed CCAX1
SSRG Stainless Light Duty

PRP Plastic Rollers Precision

AED's PRP series of plastic rollers are constructed from FDA approved for food use; Blue and Grey high impact Rigid plastic fitted with labyrinth sealed bearing housing.

Inner bearing options are: sealed steel precision & or stainless steel precision bearing.

These rollers are commonly used in vegetable inspection tables,  pack houses and particularly suited for use with soft metal cutting or where non-marking rollers are required.

PRP Plastic Rollers Precision

PRG Plastic Rollers Light Duty

AED's PRG series  light to medium duty Plastic rollers are constructed from Grey and or Blue high impact rigid palstic tube fitted with free running bearings that incororate stainless steel balls in all our PRG rollers

All our PRG type rollers are manufactured using FDA food approved plastic.
PRG Plastic Rollers Light Duty

Crowned Rollers and Belt Drums

Conveyor Drums (pulleys) include a cylindrical shell (crowned or parallel), end discs supported within the shell and a fixed shaft - plain or with keyway.

Machined Rollers include a cylindrical shell (crowned or parallel), end discs with integral bearings supported within the shell & a captivated shaft.

/Rollers are machined from Mild Steel, Stainless & Mild steel Mix or in plastic; Polypropylene or Ultra High Molecular weight Density (UHMW)


  • Smooth machined surfaces provide maximum belt protection.

  • Hubs and end disc are accurately machined to ensure concentricity.

  • Drums /Machined rollers are available with a parallel or crowned* 

  • Normally shafts are welded into the end disc. However, taper lock bushing, for ease of maintenance, can be provided.

Crowned Rollers and Belt Drums

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