Aero Stanrew Ltd

Aero Stanrew is a leading full-service provider of wound components, electro-mechanical units and electronic test equipment for aerospace, defence and industrial applications. We specialise in consultancy, design, prototype and manufacture of custom components and equipment. Current projects include Airbus A380, Joint Strike Fighter, Boeing 777 and Typhoon Eurofighter.

Wound Magnetic products include: -
* Inductors
* Chokes
* Filters
* Transformers (signal, pulse and current)
* Power supplies (single phase, three-phase and switched mode).

Electronic products include: -
* Electro-mechanical units
* Special to Type test equipment
* Fibre-optics
* Cable assemblies
* Surface Mount and Through Hole PCB assemblies.
* Class 150,000 Clean Room facilities for space applications

We have no batch size constraints, enabling us to produce prototypes and full production runs. We operate a 100% test policy.

We hold BS-EN-ISO 9001:1994, and approvals from major aerospace and defence companies.

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Aero Stanrew Ltd Overview