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Moving heavy loads on air may seem unbelievable, however the everyday experience within Aerofilm and the experience of a large number of our clients prove otherwise.

How does it work?
The load that has to be moved will be provided with temporary or permanent air skates. These skates have a moulded membrane attached called an air bearing which is inflated with compressed air and the excess air escapes between the air bearing and the floor.A film of air is then created beneath the load and because of this air film there is minimum contact between the air bearing and the floor. The object floats and because the friction is only 0,001 percent of the object’s weight, it can easily be moved allowing the load to be positioned to within a few millimetres.

That means you can move 1,000 kilogram with your little finger. Of course heavier objects can be moved using more or larger air skates.

The power of air within your organisation!

Aerofilm offers a broad range of products and systems for air cushion transport. The company produces air skates and developed solutions for customers with special requirements regarding their in-house load moving problems. With over 30 years of expertise and understanding of internal transportation problems we would like to share our experience with you to solve your transport dilemmas by using a made-to-measure system or with one of our proven kits.

Faster, easier and more flexible? Yes it’s possible. You’d like to save space, money or the health of your employees? No problem. You’re looking for an easy maintainable solution? Aerofilm has it. All you have to do is provide a suitable floor, compressed air and of course, a load moving problem….

Make heavy work light!

Load moving with air film is clean, flexible and relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, Aerofilm can tell you where, when and how to use this multi-purpose method of transport most suitable. Among ´references´on our homepage you’ll find an impressive number of customers that already benefit from the advantages of air cushion transport. Let us inform and convince you.

Air skate systems by Aerofilm are:

easy to maintain,
for inside and outside use,
easily fitted.

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