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 - Air is food -

Surely you would never consider putting an apple in your machine tool and then eating it. However, you are going to breathe in the air generated in metalworking operations every day – if no proper and effective air cleaning system is in place. Studies have shown that particles and aerosol < 2.5 µm cannot be eliminated from the lungs or bronchia. These substances settle into the lungs and can cause diseases over the long term.

Today, machine tools generate more and more and increasingly smaller aerosol particles. This is due to machine tools having increasingly higher cooling lubricant pressures, and cutting and processing speeds. The aerosols should not and may not be released into the environment or the production hall without being cleaned first.

High performance - clean air

AFS develops, manufactures and distributes air cleaning equipment and systems for removing oil and emulsion mist generated in metalworking operations. To achieve that, we use a combination of filtration and separation. Through our pre-separation process we can achieve an almost complete extraction of all particles > 2.0 µm. An H13 HEPA downstream with a separation performance of 99.95% ensures all particles > 0.3 µm are filtered out from the air stream. AFS air cleaning units also require little maintenance and are highly energy efficient.

Central Extraction System

We offer individual solutions customised to your exact needs, regardless whether you prefer installing a decentralised extraction unit directly on every one of your machine tools or a central extraction system that discharges cleaned air into the environment or back into the production hall. With a central extraction system, cleaned air can also be discharged into the environment through an air intake unit with a heat exchanger. This allows you to deliver fresh, conditioned air into your production hall all year long and save on heating in winter through the heat recovery.

Servicing and Maintenance

AFS offers you a complete package that takes care of your system every step of the way, from the planning, installation, commissioning right up to long-term servicing and maintenance.

Air Cleaning Systems

AFS Airfilter Systeme is a medium-sized company founded in 1996 in Neu-Kupfer, Hohenlohe.

Since its founding, AFS has consistently proven itself through its highly efficient air cleaning systems, excellent services and cross-industry expertise.  Today, AFS Airfilter Systeme is one of Germany’s leading manufacturers of oil and emulsion mist separation equipment and systems.  Many machine tool manufacturers and customers from the automotive industry trust AFS for their air-cleaning needs.

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