Agrico Engineering Ltd


Agrico has been established since 1975, and is a family run business.

Our main Business is Agriculture, Biogas / Anaerobic Digestion / Industry

We are the Sole Agents for both Eisele and Wangen Equipment. Also agents for Briggs Irrigation, DAB Pumps and Roto Screen Separators, with the ability to purchase or repair all pumping brands.

Eisele Mixing and Pumping equipment is proven worldwide for its high quality, robust design utilising latest technologies that give long working life with reliable operation.

Eisele equipment is suitable for Input through to Output, including Submersible ATEX Mixers with specialised maintenance hatch for both membrane and concrete roof digesters.

  • Vertical Chopper Pumps
  • Lobe Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Submersible Mixers
  • Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • Macerators 
  • Digestate Tankers

Agrico offer full installation service and are committed to customer support.

Submersible pumps AT

Eisele submersible pumps AT have been produced by us since 1972 and have proved themselves thousands of times. The pumping of slurry with litter, straw or food residues as well as well as waste water sludge is carried out by a special formed inlet nozzle and a screw impeller with armoured Widia steel (for the S version).




Vertical Pumps

Eisele vertical pumps have proved themselves thousands of times and are superior in quality and performance.

Key data:

  • Forced supply through the screw impeller
  • Inlet nozzle and screw impeller with special hard-faced welding
  • Similar method of working as with a shredding machine
  • Absolutely dry-running safe
  • Highly wear resistant mechanical seal, oil bath lubricated
  • With / without mixing nozzle
  • Can be rotated by 235°



Submersible mixers

Submersible mixers GTW
Eisele submersible mixers have been manufactured since 1982.

More detailed key data here:

  • A complete range of products for the agricultural and industrial sectors
  • 2.2 - 22 kW
  • Also as Ex-protected devices
  • For stationary installation or mobile
  • Biogas version



Wangen Pumps

Our name stands for the head office and manufacturing base of the parent plant in Wangen in Allgau. Here in the sothernmost part of Germany, in the tri-border region between Austria and Switzerland, on Lake Constance, we are at home. Please visit our Sister site at Wangen pumps to see our full range of work.



Sewage Pumps

The VAG Eisele vertical waste water and sludge pump with Rührklappe characterized by their robustness, low maintenance and reliability. Can be used in basements and collecting Absetzschächten they protected in conjunction with a float switch from flooding and provides up to 1000 l / min.




Rotary Pumps

Eisele rotary pumps have proven themselves in agriculture and industry. Continuous further guarantees high technical standard. Optionally with Eisele electric motor or tractor drive.






Construction & Contaminated Pumps

The Eisele construction pumps and drainage pumps BS-BSD BSG are self-priming centrifugal pumps. Applications include industrial and handicraft businesses also shipbuilding and civil protection. Have proved particularly suitable, these reliable, powerful pumps in the fire service and construction sectors.





Slurry Agitators

The aerodynamically optimized double-leaf wide blade propeller is designed as a pusher propeller with a very high stirring power. 

The hydraulic drive HP Manure mixers are independent of the power supply and cheap to buy.


Progressing Cavity Pumps

At Wangen we have a range of Progressing Cavity Pumps, please see blow which ones we offer:

Suction Pumps

Revenge Pumps

Immersion Pumps

Hygienic Progressing Cavity Pumps


Suction Pumps

Here at Wangen we provide a wide range of suction pumps, please see below the ones we currently offer:

  • Type A
  • Type GL-F
  • Type GL-S
  • Type KB-S
  • Type KB-S GG
  • Type KL-S
  • Type WANGEN Xpress]



Hopper Feed Pump

Hopper Feed Pumps at Wangen come in a wide variety to choose from, please see below a short list:

  • Type KL-R
  • Type KL-RQ
  • Type KL-RS
  • Type KL-R Triplex
  • Type KL-RUE



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