Agrimin Ltd


Agrimin Ltd specialise in developing and marketing sustained release trace element, vitamin and mineral boluses for ruminants. The company has gained a reputation for technically advanced products, many of which have been developed with the help of Glasgow University Veterinary School.


Bolus technology

Our bolus range encompasses different technologies, all of which are designed to deliver a controlled quantity of nutrients to an individual animal over a certain period of time.  To listen to our farmers experiences of our bolus products please click here.

Animal health

Agrimin offers world leading expertise in animal health and micro-nutrition management from animal scientists, nutritionists and vets who understand the careful balance farmers need to achieve between optimal livestock health and profitable farming.

Agrimin 24.7 Range

Agrimin also offer 24•7 bolus technology which has been the subject of a detailed R&D programme both at Glasgow Veterinary School and in New Zealand. Please contact us for more information about our product range.

Agrimin 24.7 Range

Agrimin Ltd Overview