With the world in deep recession causing an air of uncertainty - The National Engineering and Technology Conference will be held around the theme of moving forward and will be looking at innovation, entrepreneurship, research and development, funding and achieving business growth in the engineering and technology sectors.

The conference will be offering in just over seven hours, state of the art information and advice to get your business moving forward and exploit the many gaps created to help propel your business to the next stage. Hear from our top speakers on how you can gear your research and organisation towards greater success. They will be discussing issues using the latest material along with their experience to guide you through the current climate of today towards an era of growth and new prospects and ideas.

You will have the opportunity to meet other high calibre business people through our various networking events as well as interactive workshop sessions. Openly meet in a relaxed and friendly environment, build strong business relationships and gain valuable information. 

Our speakers will be covering topics from the Engineering and Technology markets of today, as well as information on out-sourcing highly skilled work members for your individual research and companies at considerably low costs.  There has also been an exceptional talk arranged on providing logistics and international employment information in particular for SME’s and Research Parks.

So join us now for a fantastic event with the NET’09 Team.  Be innovative. Be inspired. Be At NET.

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