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We have established a fully operational system to allow us to manufacture our own brand of high vacuum greaseless stopcocks.

The greaseless stopcocks and its components, like the precision bore tubing and PTFE pistons, are produced by our highly qualified team at our site in our Enfield workshop. 

Graduate Laboratory Glassware

Our expert staff can graduate laboratory glassware on site and calibrate to grade A standard. We can also grade and calibrate custom-made glassware and can offer you services such as centrifuge tubes, burettes and burette stems.

Our graduate laboratory glassware services also include measuring cylinders, bottles, Dean and Stark receivers, crow type receivers, and rain gauges.

Rain Guage Measures

Our rain gauge measures are manufactured in a borosilicate heat-resistant glass and come in a selection of designs.

Our rain gauge measures include flat base models, camdem and crowfoot model and a MO model.

Sintered Glassware

Our sintered glassware is manufactured in our factory from borosilicate glass. It is resistant to reagents except hydrofluoric acid and very strong alkalis.

We are able to cut and grind sintered glassware discs into a variety of sizes and shapes and can produce discs up to 270mm in diameter.

SIMAX Laboratory Glassware

We can now provide cost-effective SIMAX laboratory glassware and have the means to modify most pieces of standard glassware.

Our range of SIMAX laboratory glassware is incredibly extensive and includes absorption tubes, calcium chloride towers, desiccators, extractors, and fermentation locks.

We also have a range of flasks, bottle, funnels and jar designs available.

Orsat Gas Analyser

The Orsat gas analyser is designed to analyses integrated or grab bag samples from fossil fuel emission sources.

The Orsat gas analyser can determine concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and take samples.

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