Air Accessories (Sheffield) Ltd


At Air Accessories, we primarily specialise in pneumatics and we are a leading pneumatic distributor in the UK. We have an experienced team and an extensive technical library offering valuable services within the pneumatic business.

As an experienced and well established pneumatic distributor we deliver all the recognised brands of fluid power products. We are authorised as the only UK company to work as a Bosch distributor.

Valves & Accessories

In addition to cylinders we have large stocks of valves and accessories including solenoid, process control, manual and manifold mounted. Our fantastic valves and accessories range also extends to products such as silencers and blanking plugs. We hold a very diverse collection of many components.

Pneumatic Cylinders

We are the favourite single company authorised to distribute Bosch pneumatic cylinders  and they can be obtained efficiently and quickly to provide an excellent and quality service to you. We have a full range of different parts manufacturing to Bosch standards, but we also refurbish other makes of pneumatic cylinders.

Refurbished equipment is ensured to be in full working order after maintenance has been carried out, and we will always work to the highest standard to provide or refurbish pneumatic cylinders.

Linear Products

Prefabricated steel components and aluminium strut profiles are in our linear products range. We work by the modular profile system to ensure protective fencing safety devices, and fixtures work tables can be provided for universal use.

The modular linear guide programme offers a flexible availability of system solutions for every linear product requirement. We can design and manufacture to your exact specifications using Bosch Rexroth 3D design software.


The X-Block is a revolutionary product of ours. The return stroke is automatically executed by the contained air in the internal circuit within the product making the X-Block an upgraded version of a standard system.

We provide a short payback period and can offer easy installation, guaranteeing energy savings as well as reduced air exhaust levels.

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