Airedale Springs Ltd

At Airedale Springs we are not only spring suppliers; we can also provide a wide variety of wire forms. The shapes of wire forms are only limited by the imagination of the designer, equally with the latest CNC forming machines the ability to produce such wire forms is, in many cases only limited by the skills and imagination of the machine setter.

Hose Spring

Airedale Springs are able to produce and supply a wide range of hose springs, thanks to our extensive manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire. We have developed cutting edge production methods which, combined with the high-quality materials we use in all of our products, allow us to produce hose springs with a constant pitch even under very small extension. Such reliable performance is a key requirement for hose springs used in vacuum cleaner hoses, and in many other applications.

Extension Spring

Extension springs are similar to compression springs but are loaded in tension. Hooks or loops are provided to allow a force to be applied, as extension springs are usually attached at both ends to other components. When these components move apart, the spring tries to bring them together again. Extension springs are wound to oppose extension and the tension of the wind can be manipulated to achieve the load requirements for a particular application.

Spring Design

We don’t just assist with spring design; we help clients take new products to market faster.

By working closely through the development stages we helped SpiralGrip realise their vision of creating an innovative desk edge cable holder.

Spring Assembly

Here at Airedale Springs, spring assembly work is something we have become extremely adept at.

As a leading spring supplier, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a comprehensive service, and in addition to our range of innovative spring products, we also offer an assembly service for all your spring assembly needs.

Springs UK

Established in 1945 Airedale Springs Ltd is a successful family business which has gained a World-Wide reputation for up to the minute expertise for the manufacture of quality springs and wire forms for many national and international customers.

Double Torsion Spring

Double Torsion Springs are two single torsion springs connected together. They usually consist of one right hand coiled and one left hand coiled bodies both working in parallel with each other, doubling the effective torque available from a single torsion spring of the same size. Designs can be diverse, with centre sections and legs manufactured to any shape with the coiled bodies pitched open or closed. Double torsion springs usually work over a shaft running through the coiled bodies with either the connecting centre section or legs securely fixed. As with single torsion springs, double torsion springs should not be designed for use by winding backwards.


Wire rings are a cost-effective replacement for more traditional circlips; here at Airedale Springs we can provide wire rings and circlips most appropriate for your needs. Used to allow rotation but prevent lateral movement, wire rings and circlips are available for either external use where they are intended to fit over a shaft into a machined groove, or for internal use where they fit inside a bore.


Our high-speed CNC equipment and specialized tooling allows us to manufacture a vast range, from standard rings to those requiring special ends or non-standard shaped gaps. We can work with a variety of different wire diameters and external diameters, and take into account a wide range of factors to ensure that your wire rings or circlips meet your requirements perfectly.

Prison Springs

Prison springs are approved by HM Prisons and the home office for use in safety mesh mounting. They are also suitable for other applications including pool covers and screens.

These springs are assembled from three separate parts which are zinc plated to BSEN 12329 (2000).

Garter Springs

Garter springs are helical springs whose ends are connected to form a circle which then provides a strong radial force. They are formed from extension springs to provide a contracting radial force.

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