AJL Electrical Sales Ltd (Durite Distributor)

We are distributors for Durite products please visit the website or call for more information.

AJL Electrical are suppliers and Manufactures of a very diverse range of electrical products from battery Connectors to Overhead Crane Electrics.

  • Tail Lift Connectors
  • Battery Connectors
  • Battery Connectors - Series 300
  • Locking Connectors
  • Charging Connectors
  • Pendant Control Stations
  • Cables
  • Commercial Vehicle Electronics

We manufacture a range Tail Lift Leads tailor made to suit your requirements using welding cable and connectors or cable lugs or crocodile clips.

Battery Charging Connectors which include our own Manufacture "Series 300" Metal Locking & Charging half Connectors & Snap Connectors. All of these items are used on Battery Charging Equipment for Electrical Vehicles.

We offer a range of Multi & Dedicated Voltage Beacons for many applications also Mounting Poles and Warning Alarms.

We are distributors for Durite products. Please contact us for more information.

Tail Lift Leads

Tail Lift Leads with Anderson 175 Grey & Series 300 Connectors custom manufactured to specification. Mega Fuses in can also be fitted.

Tail Lift Leads

AJL Electrical Sales Ltd (Durite Distributor) Overview