AJR Data Recovery Services


We specialise in data & software recovery from damaged or inaccessible computer hard drives, servers, floppy disks, tape drives, digital cameras, memory sticks, USB storage devices, CD Roms, DVD's, ipods, external drives, zip drives, mobile phone memory, mp3 players, nand memory, etc.

Computer and hard drive repair

Whether it is PC, IBM, Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Unix we are diagnostics experts. We use proven up-to-date technology to access and recover data even on the most corrupt hard drives and data storage devices. Any memory that requires recovery either TSOP, BGA or the basic SD integrated chip can be desoldered and read with our nand flash readers. Hard drives that have failed can have their PCB's exchanged and their firmware or flash ROM reprogrammed using the pc3000 drive restorer. Hard drives that are the newer SSD standard can have their nand chips removed and read in sequence so their data can be rebuilt and therefore recovered. We use the following industry standard data recovery tools: Deepspar, PC3000 and Logicube.

Memory Card and USB Memory Repair and Recovery

We specialise in all areas of data recovery. Whether it is component repair, head stack assembly exchange, working with the SA of a hard drive, or a straight forward dry solder joint, we can help you today.

 If we do not recover your data, you will not be charged.

CD Rom and DVD and Camera drives

We also specialise in recovering data from damaged CD Roms, DVDs and camera drives.

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