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Gear pumps, twin screw pumps, lobe pumps and centrifugal pumps are all manufactured by Albany Engineering.  We are pump manufacturers specialising in the manufacture of a wide range of Positive Displacement Pumps. 

We have over 100 years of pump design and development experience.  We have a fantastic applications library of proven designs to meet varied and exacting requirements in all markets.  Our designs cover a wide range of liquids and viscosities in different materials and flow rates from 4 litres/min to 1,000 cubic metres/hour.

Our pumps are manufactured in our factory which operates under ISO9001 and is equipped with modern CNC machinery.

Rotary Gear Pumps

Albany manufacture a huge range of external gear pumps for a wide range of applications. Capacities range up to 2273 l/m. Pumps are available as either horizontal, vertical or tank top mounted units. Typical applications include:

  • lubricating & fuel oils (to 40 Bar pressure)
  • road tanker pumps
  • heated pumps for asphalt, molten sulphur
  • high temperature liquids
  • molasses
  • viscous resins
  • fire foam compound, including a range of pumps with VdS approval
  • corrosion resistant pumps
Some of our pumps are available with 48 hours delivery. Albany have taken over other gear pump manufacturers, and some products from the Stanhope, Barclay Kellett and Crown ranges are available.  A gear pump is typically a very robust and reliable unit, as Albany users will testify. 
Rotary Gear Pumps

Twin Screw Pumps

Twin screw pumps became popular as the world’s appetite for oil grew. Excellent suction performance and pulse free flow gives a wide application range. The oil and marine industries found that twin screw pumps were the best for cargo handling and that the wide ranges of viscosities often encountered with hydrocarbon liquids could be efficiently pumped at all temperatures.  The characteristics of screw pumps are:

  • low shear rates
  • handle high and low viscosities
  • can be specified to have good gas handling characteristics
  • almost pulsation free
  • excellent suction performance with NPSH as low as 0.5m
  • screws are hydraulically balanced
  • seal chambers are at inlet pressure.


Albany now own the rights to the Stothert & Pitt range of twin screw pumps. These grew out of a license from Houttuin Pumps of Holland in the 1930′s. Albany manufacture direct replacement Stothert and Pitt pumps, rebuild old pumps and supply spare parts all from Stothert and Pitts original drawings and records. 

At Albany, we have also developed our own new range of twin screw pumps. We have valued engineered the range to represent a cost effective modern screw pump drawing on all of the learning from the Stothert and Pitt range.  Albany screw pumps feature the following:

  • Capacity up to 1000m³/hr
  • pressures are generally to 25 bar, some to 50 bar.
  • Pumps are available with either, internal or external bearing configurations
  • steam heating/water cooling jackets if required
  • horizontal or vertical mounting.
  • Pumps to API676
Twin Screw Pumps

Pump Services

We provide comprehensive pump services to a variety of industry sectors.

Our professional pump services include:

  • Spares parts service for Albany Pumps and Stothert and Pitt pumps
  • Commissioning and installation service for our pumps to meet prepared pipework, including laser aligning where needed
  • Repair service for Albany products and other manufacturers
  • Design service to customise our products to meet user requirements
  • Programmed maintenance and service contract on many Albany Pumps in the UK
Pump Services

Lobe Pumps

Our lobe pumps boast capacities up to 350m³/hr, pressures to 25 bar. With internal bearing configuration with either 3:4 or 7:8 rotor lobe configurations, including steam heating jackets if required.

A lobe pump will typically suit applications including heavy crude oil, fuel oil, molasses, sugar syrups, soap, paint, and very high viscosity products.

Lobe Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Our centrifugal pumps have capacities up to 300m³/hr, pressures to 200 psi. They are available as either horizontal, or vertical mounted units.

Our centrifugal pumps have typical applications including aviation fuels, salty formation water, slop oil, fresh water, seawater, and low viscosity petroleum products.

Centrifugal Pumps

Shin Nippon

Albany has an agency agreement to supply Shin Nippon products in the UK.

Shin Nippon has manufactured process pumps and machinery since 1951 and has to date sold over 25,500 pumps to 60 countries. It has supplied over 6,000 steam turbines to 82 countries. All products are assembled and tested in its three factories in Japan. The range of pumps covers flow rates up to 6,000 m3/hr and pressures exceeding 400 barg.

The high quality and reliability of Shin Nippon products is demonstrated by the fact that it is one of the few pump companies listed in the Shell Pre-engineered Catalogue (SPEC).

Shin Nippon can supply pumps in API categories BB1, BB2, BB3, BB5, OH2, VS1, VS4 and VS6 with either electric motor or steam turbine drive.

Leistritz Screw Pumps

Albany are agents for the Leistritz range of screw pumps in England, Wales & Northern Ireland.  We also supply spare parts.

Leistritz make a range of Triple Screw Pumps.  The range L3 is for medium pressure (16 bars) and high pressure (160 bars) at a maximum capacity of 1200 L/min.  The range L5 with five screws offers large capacity (1200m3/hr) at low pressure (10 bars max.) in a very compact envelope for marine & transfer duties. 

Leistritz also make a range of Twin Screw Pumps.  The range L2 is for medium pressure (16 bars) and 6500 L/min without timing gears.  The range L4 is for high pressure (80 bars) and flows up to 1500m3/hr with timing gears and the range LPS is for multiphase pumps for gas liquid mixtures, up to 100% gas.

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