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Hook and loop fasteners provide often invisible but always indispensable fastening solutions. It is the silent strength in thousands of everyday articles.

Alfatex develops hook and loop fasteners for a huge variety of industrial applications. They range from bespoke straps for bandages to customised solutions for the automotive industry. Our product groups are MEDICAL, INDUSTRY and AUTOMOTIVE.

These three sectors attach great value to the quality of our range of products. Our range includes more than 40,000 products. Many are available from stock. We aim to provide customers with a made-to-measure product. One of the reasons we are able to do this is that our production occurs at one location.

Woven and knitted

Woven quality with great horizontal tensile strength for intensive use; opens and closes effortlessly 10,000 times.

Hook and loop tape can be made of polyamide or polyester, depending on the type of use required.
All hook and loop tapes are tested for use of harmful substances and are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 Class II (certificate number 60414302). Additionally, the product satisfies the requirements of DIN 3415. Tapes are delivered in accordance with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006.

Alfatex provides a hook and loop tapes in any width between 10 and 163mm.

Our standard widths: 16, 20, 25, 30, 38, 50, 100 and 163 mm.    

- Automotive: Car roofs, Boots
- Industry: Packaging, Cleaning, Polishing and Abrasive, Interior decorations
- Medical: Bandages, Prostheses, Ortheses, Orthopaedic shoes

Woven and knitted


Plastic is used extensively for numerous different purposes. Certain types of plastics soften when

exposed to great heat so they can be processed by such means as moulding or extrusion. Using plastic has major advantages because the softened material can easily be shaped to the desired form and reused.

 The use of plastic produces a tight result and is ideal for short-life consumables such as nappies. These types of fasteners are hygienic, waterproof and guarantee great adhesion in combination with a non-woven product.


The function of a hook and loop fastener determines to a large extent its shape and finish. Do you need to fasten a seat cover, make packaging or conceal electrical wiring?

Alfatex offers a range of 40,000 products for all kinds of applications. We also create unique products made to the customer’s instructions.


> Cut
> Perforated
> Stamping
> Coins
> Printing
> Straps


Adhesive for every surface. When gluing hook and loop fasteners, the type of adhesive greatly influences the complete product. Even the best quality hook-and-loop fasteners, woven from the finest materials, lose their value if they are not secured properly. That is why Alfatex has carefully selected a range of no fewer than 25 different adhesives, suitable for all possible applications.


> A
> SA
> AS
> HF
> AT

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