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Aligator Systems - World leaders in ionic water treatment. Culmination of 20 years of research. Our modern computer technology combined with our unique composition and density of metals in our electrodes, results in a superior system which enables the absolute control of energized ionization.

  • nursing homes
  • golf clubs
  • commercial green houses
  • holiday complexes.
  • down water systems in Hospitals

Alternative to Chlorine

Water Purification the Natural Way

Aligator is the water ionisation system that offers an alternative to chlorine and an 80% reduction of chemical use in domestic and commercial swimming pools.

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Alternative to Chlorine

Copper Silver Ionization

Aligator works by harmlessly charging ions in the water which creates a residual disinfectant/algaecide throughout the whole system from swimming pools to crocodile farms to seal sanctuaries.

  • Fully Automatic
  • Considerable Cost Savings
  • Crystal clear allergy free water of drinking standard
  • Perfect for children and allergy sufferers
  • Listed under article 95
Copper Silver Ionization

Legionella Control - Hot Water Systems

Disinfecting hot water systems can help protect against the spread of Legionella bacteria

Legionella Control of Hot Water Systems is primary in fighting against the spread of Legionella in hospitals and nursing homes .

Using the Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System produces continuous residual non-chemical disinfectant, eliminating the need for high temperature flushing and greatly reducing the need for chemicals, solving the problem of Legionella Control of Hot Water Systems

  • Capital cost is low and easily recoverable
  • Maintenance costs are lower
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Safer to operators

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Legionella Control - Hot Water Systems

Swimming Pool Chemicals

We are world leaders in using water ionisation techniques to purify water by killing algae and bacteria found in swimming pools and water systems.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Water Purification

Aligator Systems are used not only in Swimming Pools but also in many other applications where the control of waterborne bacteria is needed in particular Legionella.

Water Purification

Commercial Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Extensive research and development into the eco-friendly water purification process and ionic treatment has culminated in an efficient product, which enables the end user to reduce chemical usage by up to 75%.

Commercial Swimming Pool Water Treatment
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