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In Exeter, Get Timber Frames From ALLWOOD BUILDINGS LTD

We will do a professional job for you in Exeter. We are the timber company to turn to for good customer service. Have a chat with the professionals at ALLWOOD BUILDINGS LTD in Exeter, if you are thinking about utilising timber-framed constructions in your work. Begin building with timber and create your dream project today.

Information on Exeter Timber Frames

Timber frame construction is the type of construction where the main support for the structure comes from the timber framesThough light in weight, just like the skeleton in your body, timber frames are engineered with great precision and they are remarkably strong and durable. The types of timber frames that can be found are the volumetric and hybrid systems, along with the advanced and closed panel systems. The timber construction industry in Exeter has seen great developments with the new technology called Structural Insulated Panel (SIP). Timber construction is a tried-and-tested method, as the frames are precision-engineered and quality assured. Thus timber is the preferred choice of construction in most of the world. Our timber construction will surely satisfy your requirements.

Why Timber Frame Buildings In Exeter?

Obtain all the necessary information before you decide to use timber frames in the construction of homes or any other building structures in Exeter. A timber frame building is essentially a structure that is made primarily from timber. This usually means that the interior walls are made from timber studding and the exterior skin is made from some kind of timber cladding; either a type of log finish, or timber boards. Until the mid 19th century, timber frame structures had huge exposed beams with handcrafted interlocking joints devoid of any nails. This was the accepted form of building but nowadays, the beams are replaced with two-by-fours and stick frame construction. A frame is created by assembling the beams of particularly strong wood such as Douglas Fir or White Pine, which are joined together with a "mortise" (the hole) and "tenon" (the tongue). These are then held together with wooden oak pegs. Using insulation panels and two-by-four or two-by-six studded interior walls, the frame is then enclosed. With our expertise, the security of your building is assured.

Why We Should Not Think Twice Before Using Timber Frames For Our Homes And Other Constructions In Exeter

The timber frame lends itself to open plan designs and allows for complete enclosure and effective insulation for energy efficiency. It also offers various aesthetic and structural benefits in Exeter. An average size timber frame structure can be ready in two or three days and within a week or two after that, the shell is ready for drying in. This means it is ready for windows, mechanical systems, and roofing. The highest level of accuracy and quality is used in the process of engineering timber framed structures. Timber frame buildings have a track record of having fewer construction defects than others and their owners are frequently surprised by the comfort levels and the savings in their energy bills, that these constructions provide. Timber frame construction is the most environmentally-friendly way to build.

Why Do I Need Professionals For Timber Building In Exeter?

You always need the right Exeter professionals for any kind of timber building. While cheaper services may be more tempting, they can also be more dangerous. It's important to work with an experienced and highly-skilled team when constructing timber buildings. An unprepared building team will deliver disappointing results and could jeopardise individuals' safety. These are just a few reasons why you should choose ALLWOOD BUILDINGS LTD in Exeter.

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