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Alpha Lifting services Ltd was started back in 1990 by its present day Managing Director Mr Raymond Marks. Following a successful career with Bishop Lifting Services Ltd in Bristol, Mr Marks returned to Devon to start a business of his own with a vision of quality service, quality products and quality customer care.

Alpha Lifting services Ltd soon grew its manufacturing base in Devon and in the late 90s moved into purpose built premises. This enabled the manufacture of overhead travelling cranes, swing jib cranes, monorail systems and gantries more efficiently.

Alpha Lifting Services Ltd then opened a branch in Bristol to serve its many customers in that area. The company has invested heavily in the past few years ensuring compliance with current Health and safety requirement as well as the supply of machinery directive and CE marking of all its cranes.

Alpha Lifting Services vision is of constant upgrading and investment for the future to meet client demands. We feel in the current climate with the pressures upon business owners it is even more important to be a one stop solution. We design, manufacture, install and test all our own equipment to ensure complete compliance.

Electric Hoists

The VL1 is the smallest of the range of electric chain hoists. It has a SWL range from 60kg to 250 kg depending on configuration and duty ratings. This hoist also has an impressive range of lifting speeds from 1mtr/min to 16 mtr/min. The VL1 can be supplied with either hook suspension (as shown), push travel, or power travel beam trolley.

The power travel trolleys are inverter driven and therefore ramp up and down so that you do not get any unwanted load swing. This is a great safety feature and also saves on expensive brake repairs. The speeds and timings of the ramping can all be adjusted using the dip switches on the inverter and come as standard for Verlinde.

Electric Hoists

Overhead Travelling Cranes

Single Girder - 5 tonne crane 

This configuration is probably the most popular. Normal profile beams can be used up to spans of 18 mtrs, over this a fabricated box girder beam offers better lateral stability and strength for weight. The example you see is of a 23 mtr 5tonne crane designed and manufactured by us for Supacat Ltd in Devon. The hoist and running gear is manufactured by verlinde and inverter driven as standard. Radio control gives the operator more flexibility and better safety when manoeuvring large loads such as military vehicles. We can design, manufacture, install and test any size or configuration of crane that you require. Please contact us for more details.

For all of our range of overhead travelling cranes please visit our website or call us on 01404 891995.

 Overhead Travelling Cranes

Swing Jib Cranes

Jib cranes, whether they are mounted on a wall or on a column, are intelligent and inexpensive handling systems that do not require modification of the building structure in which they are being installed. They don’t take up much space but they allow
transporting goods on a three-dimensional plane.

Useful in any industrial sector: foundries, boiler works, mechanical works, paper factories, etc. They are the ideal complement for the travelling cranes used in every section of an industrial plant. They increase in autonomy and effectiveness of each workstation.

Swing Jib Cranes


Mobile gantries

Mobile gantries are a great solution for small workshops, repair areas or portable lifting solutions. Mobile gantries can be manufactured to suit your requirements and have any height or span you require. Normally fitted with swivel wheel castors, these cranes can easily be moved around the workshop. Although it must be made clear that these cranes cannot be moved whilst under load. The addition of jacks can help with uneven surfaces and takes the load off the wheels. These cranes can be manufactured in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. They can be made with adjustable heights and self erecting.

They can be fitted with either hand chain blocks or electric chain hoists and from 125 kgs to 10 tonnes SWL. Please call us for more information

Fixed goal post type Gantry

The fixed goal post gantry can be manufactured to suit any requirement. Basically it consists of two or more goal post gantries with a runway beam joining them at the center. These type of gantries are ideal over machinery for either maintenance or the loading of product. Electric hoist, either chain or wire rope can be used to maximise headroom. Gantries can also be manufactured with a sloping cross beam to follow roof pitches. This allows you to maximise the headroom and minimise the loss of floor area due to supporting steel work. An example of this can be seen in the picture to the right where we designed and fitted a three hoist lifting system for the lifting of large pre manufactured caravan roofs for BK Bluebird in Bournemouth, Dorset.

Please call us for a site visit or for further information.


Height Safety

ELYTRAC is a range of fall prevention equipment specifically designed for intrventions in dangerous environments. These products are specially adapted for emergency rescue operations and very high height interventions using ropes.

VERTYTRAC is a range of professional fall prevention equipment designed for the requirements of the building, industrial, electricity, telecommunications, petrol chemical, mining and aborist sectors.

EASYTRAC is a range of fall prevention equipment that complies with the current usage standards. Personal use.

TECHNYTRAC is a range of engineering products (a great number of anchor points, lifelines, gaurdrails etc). These products require a special analisys before installation and need to be installed by a qualified person in order to gurantee the reliable assembly of the product, and one that is appropriate to the structures involved.

Height Safety

Crane Design

At Alpha Lifting Services Ltd, we are proud to be able to offer you, our customer, a complete crane design service. We are fully trained in the design sofware issued by Verlinde. This software is called Europont and is only available to trained distributers of lifting equipment.

Following an enquiry, we can arrange a site meeting, enter all of the site measurements into the software program, talk through the FEM standards for use, look at the many options that are available, and tailor the whole crane to suit whatever environmental or type of work issues may be apparent.

When all the information is entered we can come up with a price to suit you, as well as giving structural loadings for your building and/or floor, and a detailed breakdown of the all the components including weights, with detailed dimensional drawings showing an overview of the complete crane.

This greatly reduces the time taken with structural engineers since we can give them all the information they need. This should also reduce costs. We make no additional charge for this service.

We can also offer 3D images, and all this at a site meeting! Alternatively we can email the information as a normal quote. It is important to remember that we offer the complete range of cranes so there is no area that we cannot cover.

This system also provides the abillity to order a crane system immediately as all the information will be stored.

Please contact us for further information.

Crane Design

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