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Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings Ltd - Specialists in Thermal Sprayed Coatings, Metal Spraying & Metal Coatings for all requirements.

Originally founded on a hard-earned 'second to none' reputation for providing an excellent in-situ coating service, Alphatek Hyperformance Coatings continue to supply a wide range of thermally sprayed and fluoropolymer surface engineered coatings and solutions to an equally wide range of industries.



  • Tungsten Carbide Coating Services
  • Tungsten Carbide Grinding Services
  • Wolfrum Carbide Coating Services
  • Carbide Coating Services
  • Carbide Grinding Services
  • Chrome Carbide Coating Services
  • Chrome Carbide Grinding Services

A range of coatings

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Information about some of our products can be seen below:

Hypertrak traction coatings

Industries which use, for example, winder rollers, drums, guide rolls etc, require traction coatings which greatly improve the gripping efficiency of the roller. These coatings reduce slippage and vibration ensuring improved wear resistance and more consistent reel tension during wind up. The consequent benefits to our customers are reflected in optimised production output and quality with minimal production and down time costs

Hyperslip release fluoropolymer coatings

Based primarily on fluorocarbon resins, Alphatek HYPERFLON® and HYPERSLIP® range of coatings provide low friction and corrosion resistance for improved productivity, and non stick, easily cleaned surfaces for greater efficiency and reduced cleaning down time costs.

  • HYPERSLIP® ensures optimised production efficiency.
  • Significant reduction in cleaning-downtime.
  • HYPERSLIP® surfaces are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need to use release agents and/or chemicals (and subsequent disposal of) which are harmful to our environment.

Hyperflon combination coatings

Thermal spray coatings in conjunction with high release technology create a wide diversity of surface engineered coatings. The most desirable features of each coating type are combined to give the ultimate in wear resistance, corrosion protection and low friction release.

  • Alternative to Teflon Sleeves. HYPERFLON® surfaces offer maximum durability
  • Best possible combination of Corrosion, Abrasion & Low-friction/Nonstick/Release properties
  • HYPERFLON® surfaces can be doctored as a secondary cleaning measure if required
  • HYPERFLON® surfaces offer the ultimate in release & abrasion performance and corrosion protection.

Quality Standards

Alphatek draws on a wealth of experience gained over many years in the paper, aerospace and engineering industries. Much of the company’s success can be accredited to a relentless commitment to research, development and quality control. A comprehensive laboratory facility enables Alphatek to lead the way, continually improving the performance of surface coatings and developing new and superior products.

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