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Alpheus has been providing services to the industrial, commercial and housing sectors since 1991, whether it be the operation and management of large industrial wastewater treatment plant; the reception, treatment and recycling of tankered wastes; or management and maintenance of grease traps, pump stations and packaged treatment plants for commercial premise, Alpheus has helped customers to meet their environmental obligations both efficiently and cost effectively.

Examples of what we offer include:

  • Operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant for commercial clients such as Travel Lodge, Little Chef and Shell
  • Operation and maintenance of industrial water and wastewater assets for clients such as Milklink, 2 Sisters, Harrow Estates and British Sugar
  • Supply of ultra-pure water utilising microfiltration and reverse osmosis membrane technologies for clients such as Centrica PB Ltd and E-ON
  • Water recycle, reuse and waste minimisation
  • Design, build and project management of water and wastewater treatment plant
  • Consultancy and troubleshooting
  • Disposal of liquid wastes

Industrial Water & Waste Treatment

Alpheus is able to offer a full range of services to meet both water and wastewater challenges. These services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. The ability of Alpheus to mange the whole water cycle allows customers to focus on their core business, in the knowledge that their environmental obligations are in safe hands and that their overall investment is maximised.

Alpheus Environmental can meet the challenges our clients face by providing:

Contact: Paul Giles, Business Development Manager, Industrial Water and Waste Division. Tel: 01234 686 179

Industrial Water & Waste Treatment

Commercial, Leisure & Entertainment Services

Regular pro-active monitoring of plant performance is essential to minimise environmental or health risk. Alpheus provides an affordable, high quality service that significantly reduces demands on your time and the risk of a failure of vital equipment, such as pumps or valves.

The assets we currently  operate on behalf of our clients include treatment plants, pumping stations, boreholes, chemical dosing systems, interceptors, storage reservoirs and specialist equipment such as Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV’s), Backflow Prevention Valves (RPZ’s) and Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves (P&V’s).  We are also able to carry out mechanical and electrical installations as well as undertake specialist pump repairs utilising our own workshop.

Contact: Mark Crocker, Sales Manager, Commercial, Leisure and Entertainment Division. Tel: 01234 686 147.

Commercial, Leisure & Entertainment Services

Waste Management & Recycling

Alpheus Waste Manangement and Recycling Department offers licensed waste treatment facilities throughout the eastern regions of England. These convenient facilities are situated at :

Contact: Emma McNamara, Business Manager, Waste Disposal Services Division. Tel: 01234 686 198

Waste Management & Recycling

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