Alsoft Ltd

Alsoft has developing information systems and web based solutions for over 10 years. By evaluating older practices against modern technologies, we not only pride ourselves on our reactive solutions but also on our ability to enhance productivity through proactive consideration.

Our flagship product recruiterSoft has been developed to satisfy issues raised by typical recruitment industry workflow.

Reduce Information Overload; recruiterSoft electronically ¿reads¿ electronic CVs and identifies key skills in a profile ready for approval from the user. Every time a new job is entered into the system, recruiterSoft lists candidates who have the skills defined in the job profile.

Build Clients, Candidates and Job Profiles; use recruiterSoft to record any useful information including a history of communication, contacts and notes.

Centralise Information and Streamline Processes; recruiterSoft is normally accessed over the Internet. Benefits of remote access include the option to work from home and outside normal business hours. It creates an instant network enabling the share of password protected information and good practice to create a cohesive and powerful effect.

Protect Your Data and Reduce Your IT Burden; We deploy professional disaster recovery planning and back-up procedures as well as advanced protection against viruses and unauthorised access. We continuously monitor our hardware and software to ensure optimum performance and reliability leaving you to focus on your forte while we focus on ours.

Reduce costs; complement traditional advertising using the inbuilt mini website.

Please request an online demonstration ¿ we will be very happy to show off our product.

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