Aluminium Powder Company Ltd

ALPOCO, The Aluminium Powder Co Ltd, is one of the leading producers of atomised aluminium powder in the world, with plants in Anglesey, North Wales; Minworth, Sutton Coldfield and Skawina, Poland.

The range of products includes a variety of purities of aluminium and sizing from granules down to sub micron sizes.

As a subsidiary of LSM, London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Ltd, the company sells heavily to the metallurgical industry but also to specialist chemical manufacturers.

Aluminium powder is also used as a raw material for aluminium pigments for printing inks and paints (including automotive paints) as well as a constituent of solid rocket propellants.

ALPOCO exports approximately 70% of its production to areas all over the world and welcome your enquiries.

Aluminium Powder Company Ltd Overview