AM Power Solutions Ltd


AM Power Solutions supplier of power solutions; generators, maintenance, repair, alternative energies

Power Generation

At AM Power Solutions Ltd we specialise in the supply and maintenance of power generators which vary in sizes and output. We offer a number of products and services which include standby generators, second-hand generators, off grid power and generator servicing. Whether you are a large or small business or simply need a back-up power supply we have you covered as we can install and service your generator as and when we are needed.


We rely on as many generator sales as possible so therefore prioritise all customers so we can provide the best service to meet your requirements. The majority of customers now use our diesel powered generators as their dominant power supply for the use of heavy duty equipment as it provides a more cost effective means of power without the hassle of installing mains power. We can now also design and build unique and specific generators to meet your needs as well as, delivering to the most remote locations.

Generator maintenance and repair

Here at AM Power Solutions we specialise in all generator servicing and repairs; dependant on how regular you are using your generator depends on how regularly it will need to be serviced but all must be serviced at a minimum of twice a year even standby generators.


Off Grid Power

Another service we provide is “Off grid” power which is essentially a power system to reach those that are unable to reach and access the mains supply. We have now launched new generators that run on different and renewable sources of energy for example, wind and solar power (photovoltaic) which charges the batteries within as opposed to the traditional and non-renewable petrol and diesel generators.

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