AMA DataSet Ltd

AMA DataSet is a specialist provider of automated typesetting and data services to publishers and industry. We have developed a range of innovative online tools designed to revolutionise your editorial processes, making the publishing of complex directories, books and websites easier, faster and more efficient than ever before.

Our powerful Content Management System (CMS) has been developed by AMA especially to meet the needs of the fast-moving publishing industry. With impressive speeds, functionality and flexibility, and industry-standard security and resilience, our CMS has become the system of choice for many leading publishers in the UK.

The result is that publications can be created, typeset and proofed in much shorter timescales and at lower cost than is possible using 'traditional' labour-intensive editorial processes.

Not that we're ever satisfied – our team of talented software developers continuously develop and extend the system's capabilities, driven by our clients' need for constant innovation.

Our background is in the printing industry, with a history we can trace back for more than 160 years. So we understand the needs of publishers and prefer to approach projects from a publishing rather than a technical IT perspective.

For a flavour of what our CMS can do, take a quick look at our online demo. We're sure you will be impressed.

We are also highly experienced in all aspects of capturing, processing and managing data. We can convert any data, even if held manually, into an accessible database, stored on our ultra-secure servers.

Our principal services
CMS: our bespoke content management system
AUTOSET: automated typesetting
SET: 'traditional' typesetting
SYS: management of computer systems, telephony, management information systems and consultancy
DATA: data capture and processing, data conversion, database management
WWW: website design and hosting
APP: developing Apps for hand held devices, notably Android

So if you are in the business of publishing, whether books, directories or an e-commerce website, talk to AMA! 

AMA DataSet Ltd Overview