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Welcome to Ambergo Ltd  the specialist Telesales company for the industrial market. 
Our objective is to help you win more business, at a lower cost than direct sales alone. Just compare the customer contact time available. 

Why use Telesales?
Working in conjunction with your Direct Sales and marketing teams. Ambergo can help you change opportunities to orders and transform your sales operation by:- 

  • Increasing the number of new leads
  • Maximising the effectiveness of direct sales team
  • Cleansing and expanding your marketing database
  • Improving customer service by more regular contact
  • Reducing the direct sales costs, particularly for low value accounts

Lead Generation & Prospecting - Opportunities & Benefits

Company benefits Customer benefits
Increased selling opportunities  Demonstrates customer care and commitment
Service customers at lower cost Opportunity to feedback any issues
Regain customer visibility and ownership  Assistance during the sales process
Increase number of customers  Better understanding of product range
Develop a really effective customer database Updates on product and service development

Lead Generation / Prospecting

Winning new business is crucial to all companies, whether large or small. It is often estimated that 10% of customers are lost each year, either to competitors or because customer’s needs have changed.

Regular telesales contact helps build a good relationship, improves customer retention and grow business faster. A telesales campaign developed around a new or existing, product or service will generate new leads and business opportunities. Working closely with your sales or marketing teams Ambergo will develop a telephone script to establish for example. What product need exists, who is the decision maker, what is the spend, who else supplies, competition strengths and weaknesses, and immediate business opportunities.

More information on Lead Generation / Prospecting

Lead Generation / Prospecting

Profitable Low Value Accounts

Companies invariably have a variety of customers. These range from a small number of large value accounts, to a large number of small value accounts. Most sales team activity is normally focussed around high value customers, However these customers are also visible to competitors, so winning new business is often slow, difficult, and low margin. Market share though is more quickly won or lost, in activity with small and medium size companies.

The major problem is that these small value customers are spread geographically making it uneconomic for the Sales Engineer to visit each one regularly. This is mainly because much of a Sales Engineers time is taken up with non selling activity such as travelling. Telesales provides a much higher percentage of customer contact time. So low value accounts can once more be handled profitably.

Acquiring New Customers

Acquiring new customers is crucially important for any business, However there may insufficient customers in existing databases. Alternatively they may not match the right buying criteria, or data may be incomplete. The easiest, and most cost effective solution is to acquire names of customers externally, Ambergo has an extensive industrial database that can solve this problem.  

The Ambergo database can increase your number of potential customers, or be used for a product or service sales campaign. Customers, can for example be segmented by type, industry, location, or number of employees. Acquiring new potential customers this way costs a fraction of other methods such as cold calling, mail-shots or exhibitions.   For more information on Acquiring New Customers
Acquiring New Customers

Database Cleansing

Over a period of time, the quality of even the best database will deteriorate unless periodic data cleansing takes place.

The responsibility for data input may also be “shared “ with no overall control of data quality format or content. Data will soon become obsolete, incomplete, and duplicated within many databases as shown below. It is very common during a data cleanse to find out that only 1 in 3 records is correct i.e. over 60 % of customer data is wrong!

For more inforamtion on Database Cleansing

Distributor and Partner Support

Many companies use authorised or “franchised “ distributors to ensure that their products are available locally and their customers receive technical support both pre and post sale.

The UK distribution industry has changed considerably over recent years, with moves towards centralisation and away from the local branch. This has changed the way manufacturers need to work with many of their distributors. The focus is now on streamlining and speeding up information flow to make the most of every possible sales opportunity.

For more information on Distributor and Partner Support

Exhibition & Seminars

Rising costs and the growth of the Internet have meant a decline in general, large scale exhibitions These have been replaced by more focussed exhibitions and local seminars. Pre and post sales activity needs to excellent to ensure this investment is worthwhile and potential leads followed up effectively.

Ambergo can quickly raise customer awareness and help increase visitors to your stand or seminar. Using a direct sales team alone for this activity is usually un-successful, expensive and time consuming.

More information on Exhibition & Seminars

Exhibition & Seminars

Catalogue Fulfillment

For many companies the investment in producing and sending catalogues and other material is one of their largest commercial costs. For example the true internal costs, of sending just one catalogue and price list, can easily exceed £5. Ambergo can help you ensure mailing lists are up date to minimise waste and effectively target your customers.

There is though one opportunity that companies frequently overlooked. Catalogue requests are a good potential source of sales leads yet most companies do not have any follow up process. Ambergo can follow up all catalogue requests, normally excluding those from sales engineers or distributors .Any leads resulting can be prioritised and sent directly to the appropriate sales engineer or distributor.

Catalogue Fulfillment

Business Support

Telesales will immediately increase sales activity, but is even more successful when integrated with other business functions. This means really understanding business processes, especially within sales and marketing. Ambergo operates only in the industrial sector, with an expertise in the electrical market. So is able to offer an unrivalled understanding of these products and routes to market.

We can advise and support many sales related processes to ensure that a campaign is targeted and links to your business needs. For example Ambergo can provide independent, unbiased assistance in such diverse areas as distributor policy, customer relationship management, and sales automation systems. Ambergo also has extensive experience in database construction and management.

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