We are Europe's leading manufacturer of energy efficient heating systems such as gas fired radiant heaters. We continue to develop our world class status in the distribution of energy efficiency and meet the demands of industrial and commercial customers through a supply-based service to contractors, facilities managers and specifiers.

Our energy efficient heating systems have an array of environmental and financial benefits and can help reduce running cost by up to 60 percent. We take great pride in our world wide distribution network and ensure no matter where your enquiry originates, the same high level of service and dedication will always be the same.

Our aftersales support is also integral to our business and our area sales managers available to give advice and site support as well as dealing with any issues relating to installation and assembly of our equipment.

Radiant Heaters

We offer a range of radiant heaters including the high-efficiency Vision radiant tube heater, delivering outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency, with the potential to significantly reduce running costs. This radiant heater has raised the industry standard in terms of innovation and technical capabilities.

The Nor-Ray-Vac heater is a lightweight, gas-fired radiant tube system designed specially for the building it is required to heat. Their design is dependent on heat loss from the building, local climate conditions, type of activity taking place in the building, and architectural features relating to structure.

The Quartz heater has a silent operation system and offers heating solutions for large volume low occupation buildings with doors in constant use such as churches, village halls, and garages.  

Gas Fired Unit Heaters

Our selection of gas-fired unit heaters consist of a new range of heater, the EnviroAir, designed to offer higher thermal efficiencies with reductions in emissions and improved air filtration.

The LCSA heater has a compact and suspended design and provides a simple, low cost heating solution. The UDSA series is one of our most exciting innovations in warm air heating systems. These gas-fired unit heaters achieves 92 percent thermal efficiency and dramatically reduced energy consumption and running costs.

The UESA condensing unit heater is a market leading gas fired unit exceeding the current requirements of Building Regulations L2 and offering thermal efficiencies up to 104 percent.

Free Standing Cabinet Warm Air Heaters

Our free standing cabinet warm air heaters include gas and oil fired cabinets suitable for a scope of commercial and industrial applications such as factories, greenhouses, warehouses, showrooms, and workshops.

Our AmbiRad PV vertical gas fired cabinet heaters are also suitable for free blowing applications PVN models and are supplied complete with adjustable discharge nozzles. Units are fully CE approved and manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001 accreditation.


SolarWall is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solar energy systems available. It is a perforated Transpired Solar Collector with simple design, and offers an effective solution to the demand for carbon reduction.

SolarWall consists of a perforated, cladding for industrial and commercial buildings to capture the warmth from solar radiation and use it to heat and ventilate a building. SolarWall has been proven to provide over 20 percent of a building's total energy requirement and harnesses maximum solar radiation at a fraction of the cost of alternative solar systems.

Heating System Controls

Our heating system controls include the SmartCom suitable for applications with all types of radiant tube and warm air unit heaters. We developed the SmartCom to offer intelligent energy management and satisfy the growing demand for higher efficiencies and contribute to climate change levy.

Our Ambi-Stat A S1 panels are designed to provide easy, low cost controls and simplified on-site wiring for our range of warm air heaters.

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