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As the UK market leaders for bespoke polypropylene binders, folders, files, and packaging products, we specialize in polypropylene, the most popular and environmentally friendly of all plastic materials available on the market. We also supply PVC and paper over board products.

All polypropylene binders and products are available to your specification. Our experienced and friendly customer service team will be happy to take your enquiry and advise you. One of our field sales representatives can visit you and help you with your enquiry.

Barclays Easel Binder

Our Barclays easel binder is basically a classic ‘A’ frame product made from PVC, or more modern and creative polypropylene versions.

We can provide ring binders like our Barclays easel binder with built-in easel functions, or fully-fledged easel binders (or maybe easel attachments as a loose leaf page).

We can do them in portrait or landscape formats and in sizes including A4, A5 or your special size. You would be surprised about the number of different versions we have done over the years.

Slipcase Sets

Our slipcase sets and polypropylene binders provide the great presentation solution you are looking for and are great for companion sets.

Our slipcase sets provide a fantastic platform for creating a visual reference. It will give your slipcase sets the shelf presence they need and protection as well. They also provide additional advertising impact as well. We can design and manufacture single sets or slipcases to house any number of binders.

Transparent Polypropylene Binders

Transparent polypropylene binders are extremely popular and provide a cost-effective solution for many of our customers.

Our transparent polypropylene binders come with inner card covers and are ideal for medium-sized runs. As an option you can get the printer to supply the litho printed cards or if you want we can sort it out for you.

Display Books

We now produce display books made entirely from polypropylene. Our polypropylene display books are available in A4 or A5 sizes.

Our display books are available in a basic design and are in stock or you can go bespoke and have them to your own design.

You tell us how many pages and with clasp or without. Need a pocket on the back? No problem. Be contemporary and go for the all transparent version or the classic PVC display book.

Eco Binders

Our Eco-Binders can be supplied in wide variety of sizes or colours. The Eco-Rings are held in stock in black, but there are plans to get the rings in clear natural plastic as well. We can colour match if the quantities are large enough, so please contact us with your requirements.

We supply the Eco-Binders flat for self assembly – this is easy and can be done without any tools. The rings just clip into the apertures in the binder cover. A binder can be assembled in less than a minute. There are clear advantages in terms of space saving, as you would only assemble a binder as and when you need it.

The Eco-Rings work brilliantly – they cannot misalign, and you cannot get your fingers caught in them as sometimes happens with metal mechanisms. They are also very durable and lighter than traditional mechanisms.

Eco-Rings are available in different capacities: 25mm, 40mm, and 60mm.

The biggest plus point of the Eco-Binder is the fact that it can be recycled in its entirety. Traditional binders normally end up in landfill once they have reached the end of their usefulness, unless one bothers to separate the metal mechanism from the polypropylene cover. The Eco-Binder is all plastic and can be recycled in its entirety.

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