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AMG Autolease Ltd based in Doncaster, has been operating within the car leasing industry sector for over 40 years, however AMG has been trading within the motor industry since the early 1900’s. Armthorpe Motor Group, AMG Pearson and AMG Automotive services are all companies which have been in operation until the Car Leasing side of AMG was established in the early 1970’s, originally it was called Random Cars Limited, meaning they could supply every make and model until the abbreviated AMG Vehicle Contracts and later AMG Autolease came into operation.

AMG operate across all sectors and types of finance, a customer led organisation our success and longevity has been formed and retained by our strong customer service ethic and our constant attention to detail. We work very closely alongside numerous financial institutions namely Arval Uk Ltd and Lex Autolease Ltd as well as having many close relationships and access to the many dealer based finance systems.

No Deposit Leasing

No deposit car leasing means exactly what it states, there is no high or inflated initial payment to pay so that the first payment is the same amount as the duration of the contract. AMG are pleased to provide the optional advantage to our customers of a ‘No deposit car lease’, this is sometimes limited by some finance companies. However AMG can access a full portfolio of finance companies, so are ideally placed to be able to offer this function.

No Deposit Leasing

Hybrid/Electric Car Leasing

AMG Autolease Ltd is proud to offer some fantastic contract hire and electric leasing deals – our hybrid and electric lease deals are kept up to date to ensure they remain competitive, and we run special offers which you can see on the deals page. Leasing a hybrid or electric car is quicker and easier than you think with AMG Autolease Ltd; if you have any questions about leasing or the specifics of any car in our range, let us know. We’re more than happy to help!

Hybrid/Electric Car Leasing

Prestige Car Leasing

The prestige car leasing marketplace is said to consist of the higher end, more expensive brands with the manufacturer base of the UK car market. This segment of the marketplace was traditionally the more expensive, lower production volume, more sought after and most fashionable brands.  In reality these prestige car leasing brands now actually account for the majority of all car leases with the UK car leasing marketplace.

This is largely due to the higher residual values that the prestige online car leasing sector usually enjoys, couple these strong values with increasing discount levels means that the balance payable over the course of the lease or contract is actually getting lower. The enhanced value within the premium car sector can only benefit the end user. With these high end brands constantly increasing their model ranges ups they are now seemingly covering every model and vehicle type that a consumer desires.

At AMG we like to think we do the finer things in life rather well. So, are you one of those people who sports leather driving gloves or maybe even have your own Chauffeur? AMG can not only supply the goods, it can give you all the information you need to make the decision on how you turn up to the red carpet.

On a more serious note however, in this article we have compiled what we think are the best prestige cars with all factors taken into consideration from price to comfort. Whether you are tied to Mercedes or you are open to a change of scenery in a Lexus we have tried to cater to all needs.

Prestige Car Leasing

Car Leasing with Full maintenance and Insurance

Need car leasing with insurance?" Look no further than AMG Autolease

Here at AMG Autolease, we take great pride in providing you with everything you need to get on the road quickly and safely, which is why our car leasing with insurance package is so IMPORTANT to us.

We also believe in hassle-free motoring for all, so we supply car leasing with insurance and maintenance to both business fleets and personal users alike, which allows all of our customers to take advantage of the helpful package we’ve put together.

So, if you’re looking to lease a vehicle with insurance cover built in, make AMG Autolease your first port of call.

                             Why taking out a car lease with insurance makes sense!

Regardless of whether you own or lease a vehicle in the UK, car insurance is a necessity if you want to stay on the right side of the law.

However, while protecting both yourself and other road users is a legal requirement, finding the best deal can often prove to be a headache. Jumping from quote to quote is far from fun (and never the best use of anyone’s time!), so why not let us take the strain? We’ve also incorporated upkeep into our offer, too, which means you’ll receive car leasing with insurance and maintenance. Oh, and you’ll also get breakdown assistance thrown in as well. Bonus!

As you can see, our car leasing with insurance package takes the hassle out of motoring…allowing you to get on with the business of travelling from A to B without the associated inconveniences of car ownership.

Car Leasing with Full maintenance and Insurance

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