Amissiontech Co Ltd

Amissiontech, Provides Electronic Manufacturing Services to Various Industries for years Specializing in printed circuit board manufacturing, the assembly of electronics units and box-build for High mix, quick turn and low and medium volume production. It’s has been geared it’s operation and established an independent manufacturing representative and offers sourcing services from  IPO(international Procurement office) out from Shenzhen city in May 2009 , and is making aggressive new investments .  

Vision and Objective

Our vision is that we will be the most cost-effective and quality-oriented manufacturer by offering one-stop solutions throughout the value chain, from design and prototyping to delivery and after sales.Our aim is to help customers to expand their manufacturing or outsourcing strategies to Asia and provide services to lower product cost without sacrificing quality and performance.we believe that Resources optimization will make efficiency our badge of honor at Amissiontech and enhance our core value: customer orientation, continuous improvement, team work spirit and respect f or human.   


For a long time we have had a flat organization with groups managed by objective. The result is flexibility and short lines of decision-making, but above all committed and experienced personnel who see a challenge in continuously developing the production processes.Our way of working is characterized by progressive and open thinking. All customers have their own contact person who takes care of day-to-day contacts in the group responsible for production. This gives you faster feedback, and we can produce your products more quickly and cost-effectively. Our long experience has created an innovative culture for the continuous improvement of production. The result is a successful combination of high quality and low costs  

Amissiontech Co Ltd Overview