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We are the preferred manufacturer of the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) for industrial wire mesh lockers. We also manufacture high quality and innovative products for the NHS, local education authorities, Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) and Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMP).

We manufacture bespoke wire mesh lockers made specifically to your requirements, as well as our standard range of:

  • One Tier Lockers
  • Two Tier Lockers
  • Four Tier Locker
  • Six Tier Lockers

Machine Guards

We are fully conversant with current HSE machine guard legislation and have a extensive knowledge of designing and applying bespoke guarding solutions to most machinery and moving parts.

We have produced an impressive collection of fan and machine guards including:

  • Wire Mesh Drive Guards
  • Wire Mesh Coffin Guards
  • Wire Mesh Shaft Guards
  • Wire Mesh Inlet Guards
  • Wire Mesh Agricultural Guards
  • Wire Mesh Run and Standby Guards
  • Wire Mesh Anti-Spark Guards
  • Wire Fan Guards
Machine Guards

Radiator Guards

We design and manufacture RADCover wire mesh radiator guards and covers to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces, without causing any loss of efficiency from the radiator. Not only do we make bespoke radiator guards, we also produce a standard range of single and double depth radiator guards. 

Radiator Guards

Cable Trays

We design and manufacture bespoke wire mesh basket cable trays to solve the problem of loose and untidy computer and electric cables under desks. Our heavy duty cable trays are often constructed from 50mm pitch wire mesh with a BZP finish and can be made large enough to carry and conceal all telephone, computer and electrical cables in a channel formed under a desk in any office or commercial environment.

Cable Trays

Security Cages

We manufacture bespoke CCTV and security cages suitable for external security lights, motion detector (PIR) sensors and smoke sensors. Our mesh security cages are designed for wall-mounted, freestanding stanchion or mast fixings. We provide a choice of either 25mm pitch mesh camera cages or 50mm pitch mesh camera cages and either hinged or unhinged, depending on your requirements.

Security Cages

Cloakroom Furniture

We manufacture a variety of bespoke cloakroom furniture products for your locker room, changing room, or cloakroom, in schools, leisure centres and sports clubs.

Our impressive cloakroom furniture range includes:

  • Storage Bench Seats
  • Cloakroom Units
  • Benches 
  • Wall Mounted Coat Racks
  • Plastic Wall Coat Hooks
Cloakroom Furniture

Point of Sale Dump Bins and Display Stands

We design and manufacture custom point of sale dump bins and display stands for some of the biggest names in retail to display brochures, leaflets, magazines and cards. Your point of sale dump bins and display stands can be either floor standing or wall mounted. We manufacture bins and stands in a variety of metals, wood and plastics and include graphics and signage packages to suit your individual requirements.

Point of Sale Dump Bins and Display Stands

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