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Here at Anaco Stainless, we manufacture stainless steel threaded bar in a collection of sizes. We stock sizes mostly aimed at electrical cabling and pipe work. Our stainless steel cable basket trays are suitable for environmental conditions requiring a good corrosion and tarnish resistant material.


We manufacture special stainless steel threaded bar to meet individual designs based on architectural drawings and have introduced our extended collection of cable trays in order to meet our customers' growing demands including cable trays, cable ladders and the established range of basket trays.

Stainless Steel Reinforcement Threaded Rebar

At Anaco Stainless, we boast expertise in stainless steel for construction and engineering processes.

We can offer stainless steel reinforcement threaded rebar products as a first line of defence against corrosive environments or aggressive conditions.

Stainless steel reinforcement threaded rebar products increase the durability of concrete with excellent mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion.

Wire Mesh Cable Trays

We can provide a wide scope of stainless steel wire mesh cable trays in many standard sizes suitable for electrical cabling and pipe work.

With the advantages of a corrosive resistant material construction adaptable for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, we can supply wire mesh cable trays based on architectural drawings to meet our customers’ demands.

Stainless Steel Welded Mesh

Our stainless steel welded mesh is an efficient solution to corrosive wearing carbon steel alternatives.

We can provide stainless steel welded mesh in a vast range of standard sizes for sprayed concrete and civil engineering markets in addition to:

  • Basket cable trays
  • Gabions
  • Wire cages

Stainless Steel Perforated Plate

We can supply stainless steel perforated plate predominantly targeted at businesses in the water sectors as a cost effective and cleaner alternative to ceramic tiles.

Our stainless steel perforated plate range can be specifically adapted and designed to suit your individual needs.

Stainless Steel Chequer Plate

At Anaco, we will provide stainless steel chequer plate in many standard sizes or special sizes should you require them. We have a multitude of dimensions of stainless steel chequer plate to offer all listed in detail on our website with the following stainless steel alloys available:

  • Grade 304
  • Grade 316
  • Other alloys available on longer lead times with minimum orders

Stainless Steel Training Seminars

For trade associations, contractors, or consulting engineers interested in the use of stainless steel in concrete, we can provide enlightening stainless steel training seminars.

Our stainless steel training seminars ideally run around 45-60 minutes but can be longer or shorter to suit your requirements. They are designed to promote the consideration of stainless steel reinforcement, highlighting many beneficial factors.

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