Analytical Components


Analytical Components is a technology company based in East Sussex. We specialise in the design and manufacture of critical components for the scientific and analytical industries. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind us so we can provide our customers with the needs and components of an ever-changing market.



Phosphor Screens

Analytical Components can provide our customers with a wide range of phosphor components. Our prefered method of phosphor layering is using a brushing technique which we believe gives the best uniform layer structure and unparallelled brightness.



Window Bonding

At Analytical Components we can bond certain types of windows to metal bodies, and we can also fuse certain types of glass to glass. Whatever your application and needs please contact us to see how we can help you. We already have a few customers who are very happy with the window bonding that we have provided for them.



Gas Cell Manufacture

We can also design and create gas cells for our customers that require them. Our gas cells will be visual inspected, leak checked and can be back filled with various gases after that the cells are sealed. Cells that are not used will remain in incubators to preserve them and stop moisture collecting in the cell.



Glass to Metal Seals

Analytical Components have developed an impressive range of proprietary techniques in the glass to metal seals bonding. At Analytical Components we bond glass to metal using adhesives. Please contact us for more info!





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