Analytik Ltd


Analytik Ltd is focussed on providing unique and innovative analytical and process instrumentation solutions, as well as sub nanolitre non contact microfluidic dispensing systems used in the creation of micro arrays.

  • Portable high performance visible and near infrared spectroscopy  
  • On line, in process near infrared spectroscopy
  • Portable remote sensing spectroradiometry
  • Ultra high resolution particle size analysis systems
  • High sensitivity 2D process fluorescence spectroscopy
  • Miniature, modular, fibre optic CCD array spectroscopy
  • Laboratory gas generation solutions
  • Micro fluidic nano liquid dispensing

We are distributors for Analytical Spectral Devices Inc, CPS Instruments Europe, Ocean Optics BV, NIR-Online GmbH, DELTA (BioView), GeSIM GmbH and Schmidlin-DBS AG.

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