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We are battery dealers for some of the largest names in the business. We are also official UK distributors of Duracell and we can offer the full range of batteries from Duracell including specialist products. As leading battery dealers, we also distribute Energizer, Panasonic, Memorex, Eveready, Sony, Maxell, and Verbatim.

Our battery range includes all the specifications including:

  • AAA, AA, c, D, and 9V batteries
  • Photo special and special batteries
  • Coin batteries

Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

We also distribute rechargeable batteries and chargers from the leading brands such as Duracell, Energizer, Uniross, and Panasonic.

As a leading rechargeable batteries and chargers distributor, we can supply them in the following specifications and uses from the leading brands:

  • AAA, AA, C, and D rechargeable batteries and chargers
  • 9V rechargeable batteries and chargers
  • Rapid and portable chargers
  • USB chargers
Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers

Optical and Tape Media

We distribute the following leading brands of optical and tape media, Memorex, Pleomax, TDK, Verbatim, and JVC.

As well as distributing the leading brands of optical and tape media, we supply the following formats and specifications:

  • CD-R/W
  • 8cm CD-R/W
  • DVD±R/W
  • Blu-Ray
  • 8cm DVD±R/W
  • Floppy Disc
  • Micro and audio cassette
  • Camcorder  
  • Video tapes
  • Lens and head cleaner

If you would like more detail on the optical and tape media that we distribute, please visit our website for more details.

Optical and Tape Media

Flash Memory

We have a comprehensive selection of flash memory from Verbatim including Verbatim USB flash drives and well as SD cards and SSD.

We distribute the following: Verbatim flash memory, Verbatim Clip-it USB 2GB, Verbatim Store 'n' Go Pin Stripe USB 2.0 Flash Drive 2GB in black and Verbatim Store 'n' Go Clip-it USB 2.0 Flash Drive 2GB in white.

Flash Memory

Computer Peripherals and Accessories

We have a huge selection of computer peripherals and accessories from the leading brands in the business including Conceptronic, Perixx, Pleomax, and Verbatim.

Our computer peripherals and accessories include the following:

  • Headsets, mouse options, webcams, and speakers
  • USB and fireware cards
  • USB hubs
  • Cardreaders and frontpanels
  • HDD connectivity and protection 
  • HDMI cables and golden connectors
  • KVM switches
  • Interface options
  • Cables
  • Network storage
  • Antennas
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired network
  • Switches
  • Printer servers

Our computer peripherals and accessories also include combo sets, touch pads, numeric keyboards, laser pointers, and speakers.

Computer Peripherals and Accessories

Audio Accessories

We distribute audio accessories from the leading brands such as TDK, Verbatim and Memorex.

Our audio accessories include in-ear headphones, headsets, sports headphones and DJ-style accessories. We also have a range of Verbatim sports headphones and headsets, as well as in-ear headphones.

Audio Accessories

iPod/iPhone Docking Station

We are distributors for a wide selection of iPod and iPhone docking station equipment and accessories from TDK and Memorex.

Our iPod and iPhone docking station product range includes:

  • TDK 2.1 channel speaker systems
  • TDK iPod/iPhone alarm clocks
  • Memorex clock radios
  • Memorex clock radio with dual alarms
  • Memorex Partycube
  • Memorex TagAlong portable boombox
  • Memorex PurePlay
  • TDK 3 speaker boombox audio systems
  • TDK Sound Cube audio systems 
iPod/iPhone Docking Station

Christmas Lights

We can supply a very large selection of Christmas lights to provide a spectacular display in your home both inside and out. You will find everything you want to create your Christmas lights show.

Our Christmas lights range includes LED or traditional rice bulb string lights for dressing trees. LED Christmas lights provide sharp and crisp tones while our traditional lights give you warm and classic tones. Most of our Christmas lights come with LED bulbs to save you a great deal of money.

Christmas Lights

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