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The UK's leading supplier of Magnetic Sheet and Tape products. 

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From visual displays and communications in the retail sector to applications for engineering and office use, we provide magnetic solutions to meet your requirements.

Since 1984, we have been dedicated to innovation within the magnetic industry.From our 22,000sqft facility in Sheffield, UK, we continue to strengthen our brand and our passion; exceeding the expectations of our rapidly expanding customer base across the UK and Europe.

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Anchor magnets, the UK's leading supplier of

  • Magnetic Tape
  • Pop-up Displays
  • Seamless Displays - Mag-Edge
  • Seamless Displays - Banner-Mag
  • For Signage and Retail Applications
  • Magnetic Labels (Warehouse Signage)
  • Magnetic Sheet
  • Magnetic Sheet Range
  • Magnetic Vehicle Signs
  • Coloured Magnetic Sheet
  • Nova-Mag
  • Super-Light
  • Promotional Magnets
  • Steel Backed Magnetic Sheet
  • Office Magnets
  • Marker Magnets
  • Printed & Finished Promotional Magnets
  • Ferrite Magnets
  • Hook Magnets
  • Neo Magnets
  • Roof Sign Holders
  • A Boards
  • Ferrous Material
  • Steel Paper
  • Steel Tape
  • PPFE
  • Shower Profiles
  • Shower Profiles
  • Shower Seals
  • Co-extrusion

Magnetic Sheet

Our range of magnetic sheet has the strongest pull strength in the UK. The stock we carry is suitable for a vast range of applications in various thicknesses, roll lengths and pull strengths.

Our Supalite® range comprises of thinner, lighter magnetic sheet and has exceptionally high Power:Weight ratio making it ideal for vehicle signage and quick-change graphics.

Both Supalite® and Supamag® ranges are available in various finishes.

Magnetic Tape

SupaMag® tape is a magnetic strip with high pull force. It can be purchased with or without self adhesive, mainly used for attaching graphics to steel pop up display frames and in-store steel work.

Available in three different widths: 12.5mm, 20mm & 25mm and with a choice of several high-strength TESA adhesives that can be laminated to the non-magnetic face, SupaMag® Tape can be tailored to your exact requirements.  

Magnetic Pads

MagPads (Magnetic holding pads) are designed for securing items to receptive surfaces. They are used extensively for securing roof signs to vehicles and signs to steelwork and various internal metal structures. 

Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium is a rare earth element, that when combined with iron and boron creates a very powerful magnet (NdFeB).¿Our Neodymium Magnets are coated in nickel to create an attractive, high-quality, anti-corrosion finish.

They are available in a range of sizes and shapes, such as: discs; bars; ring; and countersunk.

These magnets are ideal for holding, hanging and closures in a variety of areas, including retail display, exhibition and packaging closures.

Magnetic Hanging Products

Hanging posters and banners from ceilings is made easier with our extensive range of hook magnets. In high and expansive interior spaces such as supermarkets, exhibition areas, large DIY stores and even car ferries and cruise ships, hanging banners and posters provide an excellent medium for promotional messages and customer information. 

Steel Paper

Steel Paper is a very thin ferrous sheet, sandwiched between two layers of paper. It has a white finish and can accept magnets on both sides. It can be UV digitally, screen and litho printed. Easily cut to size and very light, it is ideal for creating display boards which receive magnets. It is available at a maximum width of 800mm and available in rolls or as cut pieces. 

Steel Tape

Steel Tape works directly with our magnetic tape to create a thin, clean, accurate and quick change mounting alternative to other fastening options. It is only 0.2mm thick and has a gloss white finish with the same choice of adhesives as our magnetic tape. 

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