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Anglia Hose & Hydraulics was established in 1990, is a family run business responsible for providing an outstanding all round service in hydraulic, pneumatic, industrial and automotive products ever since. Our speciality is in the area of hose and fittings where we offer a while you wait service at our counter. Our regular customers particularly value our informative staff, our vast stock range and our can do attitude.

Water Delivery Hose

Cold Bend: -45oC

Vacuum: 570mm Hg = 75% at 20oC

Applications : Delivery and light suction of water, slurry, chemicals, some granules, sewage and other waste matter. Particularly suitable for the horticultural and marine industries.

Pressures: Values given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at 20oC will result in a decline in working pressure values.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and diluted acids and alkalis. For more detailed information contact technical sales.

Layflat Hose

Applications: Conveyance and discharge of water etc. Particularly suitable for irrigation and water supply applications. However, can also be used in general industries, civil and construction engineering.

Pressures: Values given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at 20oC based on a 3:1 safety factor. This product is only suitable for open ended discharge applications. Pressure rating are based on discharge pressure from the pump unit.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to the oils and greases as above. These hoses are not suitable for use with benzene, petrol, spirits, xylol, toluol or solvents containing aromatics. For more detailed information please contact technical sales.

Polyethylene Pipe Insulation

Pipe lagging

Polyethylene Pipe Insulation

Airbrake Tubing

  • Manufactured from heat and light stabilised polyamide. This tube has excellent low density, low water absorption, physical properties and dimensions relatively constant even during humidity changes.
  • Other colours available on request
Airbrake Tubing

Water Hoses - Tricoflex


  • Market Gardens
  • Truck Cleaning
  • Glass Houses
  • Water Spraying/Sprinklers

Working Temperature: 15oC to +60oC


  • Durable PVC Cover
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Polyester Hight Tensile Fibre Reinforcement
  • Outstanding Kink Resistance
  • Thick Layer Structure

Spray Guns & Accessories

Heavy duty zinc alloy dies cast body. Pistol grip trigger with soft rubberised grip. Solid brass 1/2" male quick connector.

Brass Hose Joiner - Solid brass 1/2" compression to 1/2" compression

Spray Guns & Accessories

Irrigation pipe, Fittings & Accessories

Drip Tube
professional Landscapers drip tube. Integral pressure compensated dripper ensures uniform output along complete length in a 0.5 to 4 bar range. Tube coloured brown for maximum run lengths ask our technical team for details

(can also can supply elbows 90 degree fittings)

Pot Drippers
Professional Dripper for use with pots, baskets and tubs. supplied with a cap so individual drippers can be isolated when not in use.

Irrigation pipe, Fittings & Accessories

Hose Clamps

Mikalor Super & Supra Clamps
The revolutionary patented design of the supra clamp makes it the strongest on the market and the unique swivelling bridge means that Supra can be mounted in the most difficult applications where reliability, Strength, high torque and superlative hydraulic performance are needed.

sizes ranging from 17 mm - 187 mm

Hose Clamps

Suction Hose

Cold Bend: -45oC

Vacuum: 680mm Hg = 90% at 20oC Approx 15% lighter than Heavy Duty Suction Hose.

Applications: General pumping and suction applications in agriculture, industry and construction. Conveyance of water, sludge, slurry, chemicals and other waste matter.

Pressures: Valves given are based on the short term burst pressure of the hose at 20oC based on a 3:1 safety factor.

Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most oxidising and reducing agents and diluted acids and alkalis. For more detailed information please contact technical sales.

Suction Hose

Hose Burst Sleeve

International standards recommend the use of external protection for all hydraulic high pressure hose exposed to possible external damages. The main feature of this sleeve is to assure incomparable oil spill retention when damage or malfunction occurs on flexible hoses during their service life.

Hose Burst Sleeve

Fire sleeve

Manufactured with 'E' glass fibre yarn knitted to form a sleeve and coated with high grade iron oxide silicone elastomer rubber.

High flexibility. Continuous protection at an operating temperature of 250oC. Ability to withstand a molten splash at 1200oC. When exposed to flame the high grade rubber will form a protective SiO2 layer.

Health and Safety - Provides personnel with protection against burns from hot hoses, steam lines etc. Excellent flame resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance.

Fire sleeve

Dry & Glycerine Gauges

We stock a wide range of Dry and Glycerine filled Gauges, please ring our Technical team on 01206 212168 for more details.

All pressure Gauges can be supplied with calibration certificate at a nominal charge. please call our sales department for price and Delivery.

Mini Cylinders

Standard: ISO 6432

Medium: Compressed air


Caps - hard anodized aluminium

Housing - polished rustproof steel 304

Piston Rod: Stainless steel 316

Piston Seals: NBR

MINI Cylinders come as standard with:

  • magnetic ring around the piston
  • piston rod nut and nose nut
  • end buffer in the shape of TPU bumpers
  • sound damper (for individually functional design)

Filters Regulators & Lubricators


Polycarbonate bowl standard, zinc bowl optional. Zinc body. Neoprene, nitrile and Geolast elastomeric materials. transparent nylon liquid level indicator lens for metal bowl.

Filter Regulator:

Acetal bonnet. Sintered polypropylene element. Brass valve


transparent nylon sight dome.

Shuttle Valves

  • Allow two independent signal sources to be connected to a common pilot line.
  • Can be used to perform an 'OR' logic function
  • Can be combined to operate from three or more sources
  • Valves can be gauged together

Nylon 12 Airbrake Coils

Nylon 12 Airbrake Coils, DIN 73378, SAE J 844 Type B

  • Low moisture absorption
  • Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals

Temperature Range: -40oC to + 80oC

Corrugated Radiator Hose

Lining : black heat resistant EPDM rubber.

Reinforcement : Synthetic textile fabric, with steel wire helix, embedded between the layers.

Cover : Black, heat, weather, ozone resistant EPDM rubber

Temperature range : -40oC to + 120oC

Radiator Hose

Tube : Black SBR (Anti-Freeze) Resistant Rubber.

Reinforcement : Polyester Type Cord 2 Ply.

Safety Factor : 3:1

Cover : Black SBR Heat Abrasion and Weather Resistant.

Application : Vehicle Radiator Hose Ethylene Glycol (Anti-Freeze) Resistant.

Temperature Range : -30oC to + 100oC

Please ring and speak to our sales team for sizes, prices and availability.

Radiator Hose

Car Heater Hose

Tube : Black Coolant and Heat Resistant Rubber.

Reinforcement : high Strength Polyester yarn 2 Ply.

Cover : Abrasion Ozone and Heat Resistant Rubber.

Application : Automotive O.E.M and Replacement Market for under bonnet use.

Temperature Range : -35oC to + 100oC

Car Heater Hose

Cotton Overbraid Fuel Hose

Tube : Black Fuel and Oil Resistant Rubber.

Cover : Cotton

Application : Fuel Hose for automotive use (including unleaded)

Safety Factor : 3:1

Maximum working Pressure : 145 psi (10 bar)

Temperature range : -40oC to +85oC max peak

Cotton Overbraid Fuel Hose

Straight Silicone

  • 3 Ply polyester reinforced silicone, colour blue
  • Wall thickness 4..5mm + 0.5mm
  • Smooth finish inner and outer
  • 1 metre long.
Straight Silicone

Silicone 45

  • 3 Ply polyester reinforced silicone, colour blue.
  • Both leg lengths 102mm unless otherwise stated.
  • Wall thickness 4.5mm 0.5mm
  • finish smooth inside, fabric wrapped rubber finish on the outside.
Silicone 45

Silicone 90 Elbow

Silicone 90o Elbow

  • 3 ply polyester reinforced silicone for 9.5 to 70 bore, 4 ply for 76 bore and above; colour blue.
  • Leg length 102mm
  • Wall thickness 3 ply 4.5mm 0.5mm. 4 ply 6mm  0.5mm
  • Smooth finish inner and outer.
Silicone 90 Elbow

Ball Valves - Lever Handles, Brass

  • Full bore
  • Nickel plated
  • BS EN331
  • Screwed BSPP Female x Female
  • PN40 (1/4"-2") PN25 (2.1/2"-4")

Temp Range: -20oC to + 130oC


Ball Valves - Lever Handles, Brass

Ball Valves - Butterfly Handles, Brass

  • Full bore
  • Nickel plated
  • BS EN331
  • Screwed BSPP Female x Female
  • PN40

Temp Range : -20oC to + 130oC

British Gas WRAS Approved product

Ball Valves - Butterfly Handles, Brass

Ball Valves - Steel, Long Handle

  • Full Bore
  • Long Thread
  • Flat Steel Handle

Working Pressure : 25 bar

Temperature Range : -15oC to + 120oC

Ball Valves - Steel, Long Handle

Mini Ball Valves

Suitable for domestic water services, heating and air-conditioning plants, compressed air systems.

minimum and maximum working temperature : -15oC, 100pC

Available in all sizes from 1/8" up to 3/4".

Working Pressure : 129 psi (8bar)

Polished chrome finish

Mini Ball Valves

Rubber Hose Assemblies

All our air tool hose assemblies are available in the most common hose lengths and couplings profiles.

Temperature Range : -20oC to + 60oC

Lining : Black, oil resistant.

Braid : High tensile polyester yarn.

Safety Factor : 3:1

  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Resistant to most oil and fuel.
  • Resistant to permanent kinks.
  • Excellent ozone resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Smooth bore ensures highest possible flow.
Rubber Hose Assemblies

Globe Valves - Gunmetal/Brass

  • Designed to open and close quickly for positive shut-off and for regulation purposes.
  • Threaded BSP parallel/ Teflon Disk/ Rising Stem/Screwed-in Bonnet Handwheel operation.
  • Manufactured in accordance with BS 5154 PN 20 Series B.

Temperature Ranges : at 20 Bar -10oC to + 100oC

at 9 Bar +180oC

Globe Valves - Gunmetal/Brass

Swing Check Valve

Swing Check Valve

Temperature Range : 0oC +100oC

Swing Check Valve
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