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We have been supplying equipment, like pipe threading machine dies, since our establishment as a limited company in 2000. We strive to provide high quality equipment at competitive prices and we are committed to offering our customers reliable, impartial advice on a scope of services and products.

The UNI Brand Rigid type die will fit a variety of pipe threading machines including Ridgid 300, Rigid 300A and Rigid 535. They will also work in conjunction with Rothenberger, Hilmor, Virax, Rotostock brands. 

We also provide pipe threading dies for Virax 1375 and 1362 pipe threaders. These pipe threading machines use Rex type dies. We also stock Virax die head and dies for electrical conduits in 16 x 105mm and 32 x 105mm. 

Pipe Bending Machines

We have over 25 years of experience in providing pipe bending machines to suit diverse solutions and supplied from a range of brands.

Our pipe bending machines include the Virax brand for models 161120 and 161140.

Pipe Threading Machines

We supply KSU pipe threading machines. These are provided with standard type dieheads and alloy dies. They are manufactured from high quality materials in Korea.

Our pipe threading machines also include the KSU 2 and can be offered in standard size to bench mount and available with a collapsible stand and tool tray.

We also provide collapsible transporter for 2 and 3 inch machines, additional die heads and HSS dies in BSPT and NPT thread forms.

Pipe and Tube Benders

Our pipe and tube benders are manufactured from 30mm square section tubing. This provides a rigid and highly durable base to withstand vigorous and daily use.

The frame on pipe and tube benders is designed to give optimum stability and reduce the risk of movement during operation. We supply Hilmor tube bending machines for copper tooling and conduit benders. Our rigid level tube benders are manufactured by Rothenberger. 

Pipe and Tube Cutters

Our series of pipe and tube cutters are ideal for square cutting stainless steel for press fitting in copper, plastic, cast iron, c-Stahl and steel.

Our range of pipe and tube cutters includes equipment from brands like Uni, Hilmor, Rigid and Rothenberger.

Orbital Pipe Saw Blades

Our orbital pipe saw blades can be used on stainless steel piping. These pipe saw blades can be used for the highest requirements and they have an extremely long life.

GF pipe saw blades are divided into four ranges including economy range, performance range, high-performance range and premium range. Our orbital pipe saw blades also include bevel cutters and multi-cut saw blades for mild stainless steel tubing and titanium coating for better performance. The blades are compatible with other various brands like DeWalt, Hitachi, Jepson, and Evolution. 

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