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Anglo Carbon was founded in 1959 and is at the forefront of carbon and graphite technology, achieved by being alert and responsive to the constant evolution of our customers' needs.

Our products range from carbon brushes, contacts and collectors for electrical applications, to mechanical uses such as compressor vanes, bearings, bushes and seals.

To compliment our electrical carbon products, we can also offer brush holders, slip rings, braided cable straps and commutator maintenance equipment.

Our aim is towards total customer satisfaction. A 24/48 hour breakdown service is available on request.

Anglo Carbon will design, manufacture and supply grades specifically adapted to your application(s) criteria.

Automotive Carbon Brushes

Anglo Carbon manufacture all brushes in the UK, and offer ex-stock delivery to meet both OEM and aftermarket requirements. Our flexible production techniques allow for a rapid response, from high volumes to even small batch production runs where special designs are required.

In close consultation with our customer base, our research and development department is constantly engaged in development programs, including lead free copper graphites for starter and alternator applications. Anglo Carbon is committed to investing in and improving materials to ensure that the ever increasing demands of the application are met, drawing upon over 44 years experience in servicing the industry.
   As well as producing an extensive range of starter motor and alternator brushes, Anglo Carbon also manufactures seals, bearings and vanes for automotive and industrial pump and compressor applications. A range of carbographite based materials have been developed for compatibility with many types of machine and duty cycles. All our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring both high performance and a long service life.
Automotive Carbon Brushes

Battery Electric Vehicles

Dairy milk float, golf trolley and wheelchair brushes   Anglo carbon can manufacture to order with very short lead times from just one motor set, up to high volumes with scheduled contact call-offs if required.
Special copper or carbo-graphite grades can ensure optimum motor performance and brush life.
   Forklift truck and narrow aisle handling system brushes
This market is well served by Anglo Carbon at O.E.M., aftermarket and distributor levels including export. Again an extensive range of grades is available for adaptation to your application.
Special copper graphite materials are available for arduous environmental situations such as cold stores as well as tropical conditions.
Narrow aisle handling systems using D.C. thyristor drives can suffer from very short brush life and high commuter wear due to light motor loading and low commutator temperature. Wwe have developed a solution to this problem, which offers a considerably improved service life.
Battery Electric Vehicles

Contacts, Collectors & Inserts

Carbon Contacts and Linear Collectors

Hard carbon and copper contacts and collectors are readily available. The types commonly offered include half round patterns for drum controllers and certain linear collectors from our standard range. Non-standard linear collectors, both open and protected system inserts as well as copper or carbon contacts can also be manufactured to your specification within very short lead times, or moulded for higher volumes.

For information on products which aren't available through our online catalogue, please contact us.

Contacts, Collectors & Inserts


Flexible Braided Earthing Straps

We stock a broad range of round braided flex, and terminals both in plain copper and tin plated, from which we can produce highly flexible earthing connectors. These are commonly used in switchgear, and a range of industries.

Earthing straps can also be supplied with a range of insulating sleeves, including colour coded heat shrink insulation.

Flat braided assemblies are also available on request, either as a single piece, or multiple straps.

For information on products which aren't available through our online catalogue, please contact us .


Fractional Horse Power

Domestic Appliance motor brushes 

High volume manufacturing capacity is available, which includes moulded and laminated products. Also available are special resin/ epoxy grades for the current generation of high-speed vacuum cleaner motors.   An extensive range of grades are available with "in house" research and development for tailoring new or modified grades to your application characteristics.
Ex-stock delivery or manufacture to order with very short lead times.
   Industrial F.H.P. brushes
Brushes for machine tool spindle drives, geared units, beer pumps, permanent magnet and wound field motors require special high resistivity low friction materials to cope with the higher armature reactance induced by the speed controller.   Contact us for further information.
Fractional Horse Power

Industrial Carbon Brushes

The selection of a carbon brush grade can significantly influence the performance and life of a motor. Drawing on over 44 years experience in supplying carbon brushes for industrial applications, covering a wide range of industries, Anglo Carbon has over 100 different grades of carbon, and the applications knowledge to satisfy your requirements - whether you are repairing or maintaining motors, or are a motor manufacturer. 

Brushes can be manufactured specifically to suit your requirements for all kinds of DC motors and generators, including brushes for AC commutator and slip ring applications. We also manufacture brushes for earthing and cathodic protection duties.
  Employing flexible manufacturing techniques we offer a same day manufacturing service on quantities up to 48 pieces, with no price premium, and maintain a 98.4% service level for despatching brushes requested urgently on time, all within stringent quality control procedures.
  > For information on products which aren't available through our online catalogue, please contact us
Industrial Carbon Brushes

Micro Brushes

Anglo Carbon manufacture brushes for micro-motors in a range of materials from copper to silver graphites, for use in the following applications;

  • Automotive
  • Office equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Servo-control motors
  • Robotics
  • Toys

Please visit our website for more information.

Micro Brushes

Slip Rings

Anglo Carbon can supply a comprehensive range of slip rings and brush holders

In addition to the standard range of moulded slip rings, we also supply built up slip rings for older or obsolete units, manufactured specifically for your application.    Please visit our website for more information.
Slip Rings


Our carbon/graphite bearings are used predominantly in high temperature applications, for example in ovens, or in food processing plants where lubricated bearings cannot be used due to the risk of contamination. We also manufacture bearings for submersible and centrifugal pumps, where carbon/graphite's resistance to most liquids being handled can offer considerable performance and wear rate advantages.

We are also able to supply bearings from low friction self-lubricating materials ready for fitting or fitted into a metal housing. Anglo carbon can manufacture ‘one off’ specials though to high volume batches specifically to suit your requirements. We also offer a rapid manufacturing service for small batches of bearings up to 280mm diameter with no price premium.

Maintenance Equipment

To complement our industrial carbon brush range, we can also supply commutator maintenance equipment. It is a prerequisite for performance that the commutator is cleaned, and that the brushes are properly bedded in before the motor is run at full speed.

We supply, on an ex-stock basis, glass fibre commutator cleaning sticks and commutator stones used for bedding in carbon brushes.

Maintenance Equipment

Machined Graphite


We can supply graphite anodes, predominantly used for metal reclamation in wide range of sizes and designs, ranging from a set to high volume annual contracts on a call off basis if required.


Anglo Carbon manufactures a range of crucibles, primarily used in thin film deposition processes, for both electronic and optical applications. Our components have proved to be particularly successful when used for precious metals and aluminium, where the strength, heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion, have lead to increased evaporation rates and a longer service life than many graphite crucibles on the market.


We can also manufacture graphite moulds for diamond tooling and castings of precious metal bars to customer specifications.

Graphite Components

In addition to moulds, crucibles and anodes, a diverse range of components are available to customer specifications predominantly for use in the aluminium and glass industries, such as furnace furniture, carbon ‘plugs’, bearings, plates, guides, dies and funnels.

Machined Graphite

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