Angstrom Sciences, Inc

  • Circular Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes
  • Linear Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes
  • Cylindrical Magnetron Sputtering Cathodes
  • Magnet Retrofits - For any manufacturers' system
  • Sputtering Targets
  • Backing Plates
  • Bonding Services
  • Evaporation Materials
High-performance magnetron sputtering cathodes and magnet array retrofits provide the unique combination of high target utilization and deposition rates with uncompromised thin film quality in applications from R&D to full-scale production.

Angstrom Sciences designs, engineers and manufactures a complete line of magnetron sputter sources with the Angstrom AdvantageTM.  Their superior performace, compact design, total power compatibility, easy target change capability, high uniformity and greater target utilization are recognized as the new standard in the sputtering industry.

Angstrom Sciences also offers a comprehensive selection of high-purity vacuum-deposition materials, making us your complete source for magnetron sputtering technology.

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