Annson and Associates Ltd

If you are looking for one or more of the following, then please feel free to contact us:

  1. Data acquisition systems.
  2. Automatic Test systems.
  3. Process monitoring systems.
  4. Process control systems.
  5. Bespoke PLC based systems.
  6. Custom designed Electronics, handled from concept, through EMC to final production.
  7. PIC based systems.

With 40 years of hardware and 20 years of software design experience, we can usually design a solution to your problems.




Is your ISA based PC getting to be unreliable?

We are able to supply Pentium class PCs with up to 3 ISA and 2 PCi slots, built into a standard Desktop or mini-tower case.

If you require more slots, then we can build your PC into a 19" rack mounted case with up to 10 ISA slots or a mix of ISA & PCi slots.

Please feel free to contact us if you think that we nay be able to help you.

A few of the many solutions that we have created.

  1. River Pollution Monitoring System, combining SImple Analog measurement, Mass spectrometry and Sonde devices to warn of impending Pollution issues.
  2. Fuel pump controller system to transfer fuel from tempory storage drums to large earth moving machines on site.  Designed to protect the environment from fuel spillage and the pump from running dry.
  3. Automated Electronic component testing in a production line environment.  The design includes a custom designed programming environment to allow the manufacturing department to program pin out and component values top be tested.
  4. In flight control position monitoring for use when flight testing small aircraft.
  5. Conveyor belt controller, using PLCs to control speed, and routing of mixed items.
  6. Liquid animal feed system used in the investigation of the effect of various additives on the digestive system of animals.
  7. System to test reconditioned rail vehicle shock absorbers ( dampers ).
  8. Control system designed to control the automatic charging of coffins into the furnace at crematoria.  The system included a radio link between the charger unit and the furnace control system to allow complete, free movement of the charging vehicle.

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