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We provide a range of zinc plating services in small and large volumes. Zinc plating gives iron or steel sacrificial protection to prevent rusting.

Zinc Flake Coatings

Zinc flake coatings are essential for protecting metals from corrosion. Zinc flake coatings also help with the performance of the paint coating due to the sizes of the particles.

Zinc Flake Coatings

Organics and E-cote

We offer a wide range of organics and E-cote coatings. Our organics and E-cote solutions differ in performance, application, colour and properties to suit your requirements.

Organics and E-cote

Special Coatings

We offer a wide range of special coatings including decorative, powder and EMC/RFI coatings. Our special coatings have been designed to suit varying requirements and produce different finishes.

Special Coatings


The conversion process of phosphating is offered with oil as a finish or as a preparation for extra coatings. Phosphating is an effective, robust and cost-effective process.

Underhead Sealants

Our underhead sealants have been designed for components needing gaskets including underhead fasteners and rivets. The Rimlex underhead sealants can replace aluminium, copper and other more costly sealing washers.

Non-Reactive Sealants

We provide a range of non-reactive sealants which work effectively to fill and seal materials to ensure they work correctly at varying pressures and temperatures. Non-reactive sealants are available in a range of different materials including Precote, Dri-seal and Microseal.

Reactive Locking Patch

Our reactive locking patch includes two methods of application which include applied in place and pre applied. The reactive locking patch offer just one time usage therefore requires extra time to assemble.

Prevailing Patches

Prevailing patches wedge a fastener into close proximity with a mating thread. The prevailing patches are usually made from engineered plastic, but can also be made from metal depending on the requirement of the application.

Waxes and Lubricants

We provide waxes and lubricants as part of our coatings. We use waxes and lubricants to give the performance required.

Optical Sorting

Optical sorting is essential to make sure you have good quality fasteners. Our optical sorting machine works by rejecting any defective parts.

Induction Hardening

The process of induction hardening involves hardening the tread forming zone of a thread forming fastener. We use specialist machinery for induction hardening which involves heat treatments and various finishes as required.

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