Anping Dingniu Wire Mesh Machine Factory

Hengshui, hebei anpingxian ding cattle wire mesh machinery factory is located in the intersection of three big cities of Beijing tianjin shijiazhuang silk screen of the township in hebei anpingxian, address in: hebei anpingxian border with specialized boundary tablets in north China, Lucy anpingxian ding cattle wire mesh machine factory is a professional design production and sales of various wire mesh welding equipment manufacturers anpingxian ding cattle wire mesh machinery factory has been to the quality is excellent, the price is reasonable, the purpose of the service for the general customer service

Professional manufacturing:Automatic construction mesh welding machine, (2-4mm, 3-6mm, 6-8mm) automatic welding machine, Automatic tunnel mesh welding machine, Automatic coal mine mesh welding machine, Manual wire threading machine in coal mine, Tunnel manual wire threading machine, Construction of manual wire threading machine, Automatic net winding machine, 2 - 4mm, 40m roll wire mesh machine, Move pendulum wire mesh machine, The wire drawing machine, Adjust the cutting machine, 8 - 12mm wire mesh machine, Heavy pneumatic mesh welding machine, A forklift, 3T forklift, 3.5T forklift, Adjust drawing equipment, Vacuum cleaners, gasoline-powered industrial vacuum cleaners

Anping Dingniu Wire Mesh Machine Factory Overview