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Kärcher BR30/4 C Upright Scrubber Drier

Kärcher’s new BR 30/4 C scrubber drier eliminates the hassle and safety risks associated with floor mopping in public areas. As easy to use as an upright vacuum cleaner, the BR 30/4 thoroughly cleans and dries floors in a single pass, and can also be used for deep cleaning. Using a BR 30/4 C is faster, easier, more hygienic and safer for operators and public than mopping, leaving floors instantly clean, safe and usable.

The BR 30/4 C is designed to be safe and hygienic for operators. Its four litre clean and dirty water tanks are fully removable and easy to clean and refill, while the roller brush and squeegees can be removed and replaced without tools. The machine’s exceptionally low cleaning head height (only 7cm) makes cleaning under furniture easy, while the vacuum can be switched off to enable initial scrub and detergent lay for deeper cleaning.

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Henry and Friends

NRV200 Dry Vac

Often known as Henry's twin the NRV200 has all the features of it's popular counterpart, a powerful 1200w two stage motor, 2-speed hi/lo operation, 12.5m cable with rewind system.

James Kit JV1 (Yellow)

Small dry vac with powerful 800W motor; unique caddy top allowing storage of small tools, duster, polish, etc., also cable when not in use. Replaceable cable, big 8L capacity, standard kit is JV1.

Henry Kit A1 Full 'Combo' Kit (Red)

Dry vac., available in 4 colours. Powerful 1200W two stage motor with 2-speed hi-lo operation. 10m cable with rewind system. Giant Tritex filters and Microflo dust bags. Comes with Kit A1.

Henry Xtra Kit X1 (Red)

The ‘Henry’ dry vac with Airo power brush, particularly useful in pet-owning households, 1200W motor with 2-speed hi-lo operation, 10m cable with rewind system, 3-stage Microfresh filter, comes with Kit X1.

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Henry and Friends

Numatic Wet and Dry Range

Cleancare - Kit A11 32mm Wet & Dry Kit (Blue)

Same machine as the WVT370-2 but comes with a transparent container, allowing you to see just what youre picking-up. Standard Kit-A11. Other options are Kits-A21 / A21A / A43.

Cleancare - Kit A11 32mm Wet & Dry Kit (Blue)

A tough little machine, similar to the WV370-2 but comes with a Structofoam container, which is warranteed for 3-years. . Standard Kit-A11. Other options are Kits-A21 / A21A / A43.

Cleancare - Kit BB8 38mm Wet & Dry Kit (Blue)

Large commercial / industrial WV vac. with dual two stage motors (2400W) giving 80L/sec airflow and a general spec. similar to the WV900-2, including the tipper system and excellent mobility. Standard Kit-BB8, optional Kit-BB7.

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Numatic Wet and Dry Range

Numatic Commercial Dry Range

Cleancare - Kit T20 Turbo Electric Kit (Red)

Small tub vac. with 1200w motor plus 24volt turbo electric self-adjusting power brush. Particularly suited to premises with predominantly carpeted areas. Optional (non- powered) combination floor tool is included in the KitT20.

Cleancare - Kit A1 Full 'Combo' Kit (Red)

Small medium size vac. with useful 15litre capacity. Larger version of the NRV200-22 with its 2-speed 1200W two stage motor. Standard Kit A1.

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Numatic Commercial Dry Range

Numatic Extraction Range

Cleancare - Kit A40A Extraction Kit (Blue)

Small Cleantec (CT) extraction cleaning vac. with 1200W two stage motor. Standard Kit-A40A. Mainly used in the cleaning of carpets and upholstery these machines are equally effective on wet & dry operation when used with optional Kits-A11 or A21A.

Alternatively Kit-A26A contains all accessories needed for 4 in 1 usage (- extraction cleaning of carpets & upholstery, wet scrubbing, wet pick-up and dry pick-up).Capacities: 15L-dry / 9L-wet / 6L-extraction chemicals.

Also available CTT 370-2 with transparent container.

Cleancare - Kit A41A Extraction Kit (Blue)

Large commercial / industrial CT extraction cleaning vac. with same 1200W power head as the CT570-2 but larger container, giving capacities of: 40L-dry / 32-L wet / 17L-extraction chemicals. Tipper system incorporated within the chassis design allows for the machine to be emptied in floor drains or WCs where available.- A tough machine with good mobility, for use around the larger commercial premises; offices, large restaurants, foyers, etc., in fact anywhere with really large areas of carpeting to be cleaned. Standard Kit-A41A; other options are Kits-A11 / A21A / A26A.

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Numatic Extraction Range

Numatic Hazardous

Cleancare - Kit BB17 38mm Hazardous Kit (Yellow)

Smallest machine in our HZ (Hazardous dust) range of dry vacs. For use where it is necessary to vacuum dusts that could constitute a health hazard*. The 1200W all-steel low noise power head ( with replaceable plugged cable ) and HEPA Filtration Module, sit on a polypropylene container (of 9L capacity) which has a primary pre-filter and Microflo dust bag, in total providing up to 99.997% filter efficiency. Standard Kit-BB17 / 18.

Cleancare - Kit BB20 38mm Hazardous Kit (Yellow)

Medium / large HZ machine for the industrial user. The 1200W all-steel low noise power head ( with replaceable plugged cable ) and HEPA Filtration Module, sit on a big 35L capacity steel container which has a primary pre-filter and Microflo dust bag, in total providing up to 99.997% filter efficiency. All-steel high mobility chassis. Standard Kit-BB20.

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Numatic Hazardous

Numatic Floorcare Range

Twintec Scrubber Dryer 3450T

Compact cable machine on full stainless-steel chassis. 30L capacity within the twin dirty water tanks. Heavy duty 450mm scrubbing head with 1000W motor. Full floating polyurethane floor nozzle and 1200W vacuum motor ensures floors are left clean and dry.

Battery Operated Scubber Dryer 3450S

Battery version of the compact TT3450S machine. 30L capacity in a single dirty water tank. Brush & vac. motors are both 24V / 400W, taking power from 2 x 12V 100A/hr batteries. Features a brush pressure adjustment system that allows power head performance to be varied to suit different floor conditions and requirements. Capacity  30L / deck dia. 450mm. Fully integrated battery charging system.

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Numatic Floorcare Range

iRobot Range

iRobot® Roomba® 531


As a member of our 5th generation of home robots, the iRobot Roomba 531 Vacuum Cleaning Robot provides superior performance, reliability and durability. It cleans up to three rooms on a single charge, gets into hard-to-reach areas like wall edges and beneath furniture while avoiding stairs and other drop-offs. Roomba automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again. A Virtual Wall tells Roomba where to clean and restricts it from off-limit areas.

iRobot® Compact Virtual Wall kit

The Auto Virtual Wall prevents Roomba from entering areas that are off-limits. This model saves you a step, remaining constantly on so you don't have to remember to turn it on/off.

The new Auto Virtual Wall uses an infrared beam, preset for 1 to 3 metres, to block Roomba from doorways and other off-limit areas. And you never have to remember to turn it on or off! Auto Virtual Walls remain on for up to six months. Requires 2 C batteries, not included.

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iRobot Range

Prochem Range

Prochem Polaris SP800

Prochem's state-of-the-art self-contained carpet soil extractors provide unequalled features for the institutional and commercial carpet cleaner. Whatever your priority, there's a Polaris self-contained extractor with powerbrush that's right for you. The Polaris 800 & 1200 have the cleaning power to tackle large open areas, yet handle like lightweights. The Polaris 500 & 700 offer unrivalled portability, ease of operation and performance.

Prochem Tri-Jet Fogger

Essential for deodorising smoke contaminated buildings. Use with A222 Odour Neutraliser solution for smoke contamination. Produces a fine 14 micron particle fog which penetrates all porous surfaces. Adjustable nozzle 4.5 litre tank 230V CE.

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Prochem Range

Karcher Range

HDS 745-4 M Eco 110v

The new medium and super class hot water high-pressure cleaners not only do a first-class job of cleaning, they are also extremely rugged and simple to operate.
The new ECO mode, unique to Kärcher, makes them truly unbeatable. When the machine is set to this mode it operates automatically in the most economical temperature range. This not only saves running costs, it is also good for the environment.

Puzzi 300

A heavy duty spray extraction cleaner ideal for large surface area cleaning. Built for contract cleaners and the hire trade, it has been designed for deep cleaning of large areas of textile flooring. To assist with easy cleaning of large or hard to reach areas, the Puzzi 300 comes complete with an extra long 4 metre flexible spray extraction hose with integral water supply hose and hand tool.

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Karcher Range

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